Alfonso Lista gets good governance seal

LAGAWE, IFUGAO – -The fast-emerging town of Alfonso Lista has been recently made an awardee, along with two other Ifugao towns, in the national government’s 2019 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) program, according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).
The other awardees in the province are Asipulo and Lamut.
In this year’s SGLG overall standing, Alfonso Lista ranks among the best both in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and across the country.
Glenn Prudenciano then the mayor around the time the feat was achieved by Alfonso Lista. Prudenciano, a distinguished three-term mayor, was elected vice governor of Ifugao in the last May polls.
“Our resilience and integrity have earned for Alfonso Lista this prestigious award,” Prudenciano said.
Mayor Edralin Alipio is reportedly scheduled to receive the award at a ceremony in Manila.
“This award marks a new chapter in our history as we look forward to a new age of development facilitated by the municipal government through support of the barangay governments and cooperation of the people,” Alipio said, noting though that “we all worked very hard not only for recognition from the national government but primarily for the welfare of our beloved constituents.”
“This is proof of all Alfonso Lista folks uniting and working hard for the betterment of the town. This truly encourages us to work harder each day of the week,” Alipio told the ZigZag Weekly.
One would be hard-put to even say that the award is no big deal. On the other hand, what is truly remarkable is that the SGLG is indeed a symbol of Alfonso Lista’s hard journey to good governance by upholding the standards of transparency, integrity and service delivery through financial administration, social protection, disaster preparedness, peace and order, business-friendliness and competitiveness, environmental management, tourism and culture and arts.
Alfonso Lista is one of the 11 towns of the upland Cordillera province of Ifugao. It is in the second geographical district of the province.
Alfonso Lista officials took pride in saying that their town has “consistently mustered teamwork and dedication to work to meet the stringent requirements of the competition.”
Mayor Alipio said improving the conditions of the people required the collaboration of stakeholders.
Alipio stressed the need for all sectors to work together to achieve economic growth, development and prosperity for the town and its people.
“Today, we are honored and privileged to be partners of Governor Jerry Dalipog, Vice Governor Glenn Prudenciano and Congressman Solomon Chungalao in achieving the vision of a better future. The Office of the Mayor will always work to protect and advance the interests of Alfonso List and its people,” he stressed.
The SGLG recognizes provinces, cities, towns and barangays (villages) who made the honor rolls in its annual awards with the highest accolade on good governance.
Thus, it is extremely difficult for towns in impoverished Ifugao to be chosen as a recipient of the prestige-laden SGLG. So the right approach is for officials to address head-on problems on all fronts affecting the locality even during non-election years. Poverty, joblessness and lawlessness are just some of the issues they had to address so they can have better and progressive communities.
The DILG encourages local government units (LGUs) to seek the SGLG designation to avail of a performance challenge fund as an incentive. The awardee may identify urgent projects for funding. Alfonso Lista stands to receive PhP3million for being an SGLG awardee.
The recognition has been particularly applauded by many for its significant progress in raising the level of efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery and invigorates meritocracy in governance.
In this case, it only shows how Alfonso Lista is trying hard over the years to venture into a deeper involvement in negotiating the road to a brighter future even if it is a tough trail.
By investing heavily on its people as its foremost priority, Alfonso Lista produced significant returns. All told, this timeless accomplishment shall open doors to thoughts, sparking ideas for more awards for Alfonso Lista the incumbent chief executive wants to pursue in the coming years.
Overall, Alfonso Lista is in a very strong shape to achieve programs aimed at reducing poverty and stimulating economic growth. Step-by-step action to increase awareness of Alfonso Lista’s folks of their roles in nation-building is of paramount importance. Therefore, the Alipio administration should strongly consider non-government organizations (NGOs) and people’s organizations (POs) as “excellent partners” of the municipal government. This is a strong foundation on which to grow in this predominantly farming town. This growth is achievable with the full support and assistance of the men and women in the private sector. Conversely, this growth can be attributed to their invaluable contributions as active dialogue partners who back the municipal government’s overall development agenda.
Alfonso Lista is principally agricultural, noted also for its scenic destinations. It has 20 villages where poverty persists. The SGLG feat simply bolsters the call to help the poor rise from poverty.
Currently, many are confident of Alfonso Lista’s prospects in the next three years, particularly in attaining a robust economy.
Alfonso Lista needs someone who will continue and sustain the noteworthy programs and projects of the previous administration.
Fortunately, Mayor Alipio has the heart and brains and importantly, he already knows what the problems besetting the LGUs in the town. He is fighting for the betterment of the masses, most especially in far-flung villages.
With passionate and transformational leadership of Mayor Alipio leading the way, many are optimistic that Alfonso Lista will sustain the momentum as one of the country’s fastest-growing towns and notch more milestones, further strengthening its position as northern Luzon’s most promising trade and tourism hub.
In the present administration, Alfonso Lista has flourished all thanks to various livelihood ventures that include often marginalized sectors of society.
It is absolutely vital to provide Alfonso Lista folks their understanding of their new-found roles after the conferment of the SGLG award at the Fiesta Pavillon of Manila Hotel on November 4. Almost anything that comes into discussion in so far as developing the town reflects on everybody.
Thankfully, there is good news to herald as well. In and out of his office, Mayor Alipio always keeps the best interest of all the people at all times. He felt a deep responsibility to his town and its people.
Alipio said municipal hall employees would work harder in the months ahead to spur development. Presently, Mayor Alipio is courageously championing various causes such as for the empowerment of ordinary folks and LGUs. The neophyte mayor is for the masses and he is steadfastly fighting for them up to now.
The strategic location of Alfonso Lista- considering its proximity to Santiago City in Isabela, its longtime reputation as the “corn granary of Ifugao” and now, the SGLG award distinction would surely entice investors to engage in business in this part of the province. Verily, it is hard to dispute the fact that the town has another winning tag: There’s only one Place out here in Ifugao where you can have it all and it is Alfonso Lista!
The standards of good governance in Alfonso Lista can only be achieved when each one: public and private entities, municipal government officials and department heads, NGOs, POs and civil society organizations (CSOs) , residents- young and old alike, realize that each has a unique and peculiar role and a specific set of responsibilities to carry in crystallizing their aspirations to attain growth and development. Only through actions guided by good wisdom and the Almighty Creator can a better and prosperous town to live in be realized. It is well worth working for a second SGLG in Alfonso Lista.
In addition to talking to Mayor Alipio, Vice Mayor Agapito Dominguez Jr. and other municipal government officials, a resident should finally ask the on-going programs, projects and activities of the municipal government for it will immensely aid in facilitating cooperation with the Alipio administration. Town folks better ask themselves what will happen if they just act as bystanders and for sure officials don’t want that. Obviously, Mayor Alipio and the other officials want them to work hand-in-hand with them so that together they can make their dreams a reality and usher in a more bustling and progressive Alfonso Lista that they can proudly bequeath to future generations.
“We are honored by the recognition from the DILG. This award only proves the municipal government’s impact on the lives of the people. Rest assured that with this award, the Sangguniang Bayan shall continue to be actively involved in the growth and advancement of Alfonso Lista,” Vice Mayor Dominguez asserted.
That creates a strong linkage between the executive and legislative wings of the municipal government. No wonder, there is seriousness in the call to hold public officials to a higher standard. This is the only way to ensure that Alfonso Lista is gifted with dedicated, outstanding and selfless public servants who are to be emulated elsewhere.
Maybe it would be helpful to forge firm ties between public and private sectors in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of fundamental services and provision of adequate facilities pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991.
The young and articulate mayor will not worry about it if he has leaders in the grassroots level with political will who can effect bold, swift and decisive solutions on the problems of the “common tao.”
Little by little, the public-private partnership can do so much to promote and sustain the socio-economic development of Alfonso Lista.
The award will be an additional feather to the cap of the municipal government and another inspiration for Alfonso Lista to continue with its vibrant and notable performance when it comes to its economic, educational, health and social projects.
The award also pays tribute to the dedicated and hardworking personnel at the municipal hall who play an important role in shaping the future of the people under then the guidance and care of Mayor Prudenciano. Mr. Prudenciano also made an indelible mark in the people’s consciousness on vital issues.
Soon, there’ll be a time for jubilation in Alfonso Lista because of the town’s first-ever SGLG award. The institutionalization of a rational and strategic action plan by Mayor Alipio is deemed as one of the major steps to further ensure the fulfillment of back-to-back triumphs for the town or another one in the not-so-distant time. For the second plum, much still needs to be done. Surely, there is too much to be done by public servants here to fine tune all together their acts. **By Anthony A. Araos

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