Aug. 4 Career Service exams results released

A TOTAL of 29,733 representing 11.62 per cent of the 255,778 examinees passed the Career Service examinations conducted nationwide on Aug. 4, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) disclosed.
Karriza Gem Reopta, from the National Capital Region (NCR) and with a rating of 88.91, bested 224,777 examinees of the Professional level, while Sidney Dani Gelito, from Southern Tagalog and with a 90.14 rating, topped the SubProfessional test with 31,001 examinees.
The CSC said the new eligibles can be appointed to first level (clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service), and second level (professional, technical, and scientific) positions in the government career service that do not involve practice of profession or are covered by special laws. The SubProfessional eligibles can be appointed only to first level positions while the Professional eligibles can be appointed to either second level positions, or first level positions. Aside from eligibility, an aspirant for a government career service position must further meet education, experience, training, and other competency requirements of the position, stressed the CSC.
Completing the list of top passers are: For the Professional level – Christian Brylle Dacanay (Davao region)-88.70; Cedrick Cabuhat (Central Luzon)-88.49; Andrew Miguel Rebamba (NCR)- 88.45; Alea Paula Hinojosa (Southern Tagalog)-88.40; Jemuel Dave Dorado (Southern Tagalog)- 88.39; Divino Angelo Esteban (NCR)-88.37; Tasha Russel Teh (NCR)-88.34; Arlyn Emmelle Graham Petalver (NCR)-88.25; and Lemuel John Urbano (Ilocos region)-88.22.
For the Sub-Professional level – James Michael Aquino (Southern Tagalog)-89.85; Joel Jardine Eribal (NCR)-89.20; Angel Mae Acuesta (Western Visayas)-88.89; Susie Angeli Espiritu (NCR)-88.88; Jemima Reside (NCR)-88.86; Haerann Salgado (Central Luzon)-88.84; and Cristelle Maye Valenzona (NCR), Paolo Ponciano (Southern Tagalog), Kathryn Joy Villanueva (Southern Tagalog, and Clark Adrian Adalia (Southern Tagalog)-88.56. (more)In terms of regional performance, NCR posted the highest passing rate at 17.89 per cent, covering both levels of examination, which is translated into 9,599 total passers out of 53,641 total examinees. For its part, despite not having landed any spot in the lists of top passers, the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) came in second to NCR with a 16.32 per cent passing rate. Other top performing regions of the country include Southern Tagalog with 12.79 per cent passing rate, Central Luzon – 12.33 per cent, and Davao region – 11.98 per cent.
Going by the level, for the Professional level: NCR (18.45%), CAR (16.89%), Southern Tagalog (12.87%), Central Visayas (12.28%), and Central Luzon (12.21%). For the SubProfessional level: NCR (14.72%), Central Luzon (12.98%), CAR (12.91%), Southern Tagalog (12.34%), and Bicol region (11.52%).
The complete list of successful examinees of the Aug. 4, 2019 CSE-PPT may be accessed at the CSC website
Examinees, both passed and failed, may generate their individual test result through OCSERGS or the Online Civil Service Examination Results Generation System by Oct. 18, 2019. The OCSERGS can also be accessed at the CSC website. Passers are advised to access and read thoroughly the corresponding CSC Examination Advisory No. 15, s. 2019 through this link
The next schedule of the CSE-PPT for Professional and SubProfessional levels will be on March 15, 2020. Application period will run from Dec. 16, 2019 to Jan. 15, 2020. The CSC shall issue an examination announcement at least one week before the start of the application period. The announcement, which shall be posted on the CSC website, shall contain details on testing centers, qualification/admission requirements, application documents, where to get and file application forms, scope of examination, and other relevant information.

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