Banaue Water District leads efforts for better services

LAGAWE, Ifugao — The Banaue Water District and Banaue municipal government are leading efforts for the efficient delivery of water services in this upland town known throughout the world for its rice terraces.
In a well-attended program, local officials led by Mayor Jerry Dalipog turned over a one-story building to the Banaue Water District for use as its business office. The facility is situated at purok Ibalodem of Barangay Amganad. It is conveniently located along the main highway and not too far from barangay Poblacion.
“The action taken by the municipal government of Banaue in forging a strong partnership with the Banaue Water District is indeed a major breakthrough that contributes to better delivery of services for our people,” Mayor Dalipog said.
In an exclusive interview with the ZigZag Weekly, Mayor Dalipog noted that there is a vast potential in widening water distribution services in the town, particularly in remote areas or barangays in Banaue.
In a fast-emerging municipality where local and foreign tourists are flocking in numbers due to its great attractions like Banaue, unequivocally, Dalipog said, “forging ties with a vital entity such as the Banaue Water District to ensure that our beloved constituents are better served is one of the biggest challenges to my administration.”
Mayor Dalipog, who was re-elected in the May 9 polls, was highly-applauded during his speech at the all-important gathering likewise serving as the inauguration of the facility.
It was attended by Councilors Chester Bahatan, Hygelac Cayong and Donald Mongolnon as well as Punong Barangay Samuel Baguilat and other officials of his barangay council.
For his part, Councilor Bahatan stressed that Mayor Dalipog and members of the Sangguniang Bayan have an avowed goal of giving a helping hand to the Banaue Water District as a means of ensuring accessible and affordable water services to their town folks.
The activity’s immense significance is easily seen with the participation of Local Water Utilities Administration (LUWA) chief Andres Ibarra, who was its keynote speaker, as well as Chairman Andres Dunuan Sr. of the Baguio Water District and Samson Cabbigat, another key figure of the Banaue Water District.
On the other hand, former Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao underscored the vitality of the Baguio Water District’s operations. “I share the community’s goal of receiving quality yet not costly services from the Banaue Water District,” said Chungalao.
The Banaue Water District is a government-owned and/or controlled corporation (GOCC).
Mr. Cabbigat said expansion plans are already imperiled by poor infrastructure and not just lack of personnel.
“Sub-standard or outdated materials used in water systems have to be replaced,” he said.
He mentioned that the Banaue Water District must invest substantially with generating and state-of-the-art technologies that are appropriate for conditions of water sources in Banaue.
Others in attendance were Vice Mayor Joel Bungallon and Ifugao Water District chair Jovencio Dipia-o.**Anthony A. Araos

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