BoGH receives CT scan machine from Saint Luke’s Medical Center

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Bontoc – Enhanced medical services to the people of Mountain Province is expected with the turnover of a CT (computed tomography) Scan machine to Bontoc General Hospital (BoGH) from St. Luke’s Medical Center reps last February 28, 2019.
The turnover ceremony started with the blessing of the machine, the newly refurbished Delivery Room and the newly-installed Operating Room Lights. This was followed by a Eucharistic Mass led by Rt. Rev. Brent Harry W. Alawas of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines (EDNP) held at the hospital’s frontage. A brief turnover program ensued.
From the various messages of the speakers, the beautiful story of how the efforts of various entities – the acquisition and arrival of a quality CT scan machine in Bontoc – came to fruition.
Provincial Administrator Amador P. Batay-an shared how the CT Scan machine came to be. He narrated that in one wedding which he and Bishop Alawas attended, the latter informed that St. Luke’s Medical Center was looking for a recipient of a CT Scan machine. Upon learning about the good news, Gov. Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr. directed BoGH’s Chief of Hospital Raquel Tannao S. Kanongkong to make a letter of request for the machine through Bishop Alawas. Also, Lacwasan committed to fast-track the completion of the CT Scan room and committed that the PLGU will shell out the maintenance of the facility as the Provincial Government’s counterpart.
“All letters of communication were coursed through the office of Bishop Alawas who relentlessly followed up the request until BoGH finally got the nod of St. Luke’s Medical Center. The willingness of the Provincial Government to provide a counterpart has made an impact,” Batay-an said.
“There was quite a number of big hospitals that were competing for the CT Scan machine, which is not only an ordinary CT Scan but is considered first-class, state-of-the-art and which worth is close to a hundred million pesos,” Bishop Alawas said.
Furthermore, the good bishop also expressed high hopes of seeing Bontoc General Hospital metamorphose into a first-class hospital, not only having a first class CT Scan, but a hospital that can deliver excellent medical service to the beloved people of Mountain Province and to nearby provinces and that this can only be done through the active and constructive partnership between all stakeholders.
Ms. Emarfil Marie Q. Whale, outreach program manager of St. Luke’s Medical Center and who turned over the machine, said that Bontoc General Hospital met all the criteria; thus, being the ultimate recipient of the CT Scan machine. She also thanked the office of the province’s representative for readily providing transport for the machine.
“The process in bringing the machine to Bontoc seemed like a daunting task, but it had to be done because this will be of great assistance to the people of Mountain Province. It shall save time on travel, money and it will ensure that clients will be receiving better health care services that Bontoc General Hospital can and will provide. Thank you, Atty. Cyphine Maxcel Dalog for your assistance,” she said.
“Through everyone’s selflessness, a task which I thought was impossible due to the winding mountain paths was done and is now here for everyone to use. Today we are all witnesses to the improvements of the hospital and its increase in better health facilities not only for the people of the Mountain Province but also to various provinces who may seek the services of the BoGH,” she added.
Meanwhile, in her message of acceptance, Dr. Kanongkong expressed the BoGH’s gratitude to Atty. Cyphrine Maxcel Y. Dalog, chief of staff of the office of the congressman, for her assistance in the transport of the machine from Manila to Mountain Province.
She further emphasized on the advantage of an enhanced partnership among entities as exemplified by the Provincial Government in its collaboration with the St. Luke’s Medical Center through its outreach program manager, with the Philippine Episcopal Church and with various individuals who worked together to bring better services to the people.
“Bontoc General Hospital and all its staff shall continue to serve the people with utmost sincerity, love and affection wherein their aims are for BoGH to be a center for health-care at the same time developing a dynamic, fully-engaged and a responsive workforce,” Kanongkong said in closing.
In attendance to the program were representatives from the various line agencies, the 10 municipal local government units of Mountain Province, Municipal Health Officers and other stakeholders. ** Bendahara Beau K. Macliing -MP-PIO

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