‘Boost immune system as low temp lingers’

BAGUIO CITY – The city’s top health officer has urged residents to boost their immune system as the extreme change in weather – hot during midday but cold in the evening – is expected to linger.
“Extreme changes in weather lower our resistance,” City Health Services Office (CHSO) chief, Dr. Rowena Galpo, said Tuesday.
The midday heat and with low temperatures, which according to the weather bureau, have ranged from 14 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius since Oct. 1, especially from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. the following day, are making people prone to respiratory diseases, such as colds and cough, Galpo said.
There is a need to boost the body’s immunity through proper diet, exercise and observing such practices as covering the mouth when sneezing and coughing, she said, advising the public to take at least 500 mg. of Vitamin C to help boost the immune system.
She also said that walking is a good exercise.
“Our sedentary lifestyle will make us sick. It lowers our immunity. Walking is advised. It is the cheapest form of exercise – it does not require expenses, yet it gives us the greatest benefits,” Galpo said.
The health officer also advised wearing comfortable clothing when it is warm, and jackets and sweaters when it is cold to maintain body temperature.
She urged the public to practice proper and regular hand-washing.
“Hand-washing prevents most diseases. (Wash your hands) after coming from the toilet and before eating. Practice (proper) cough and sneezing manners so as not to spread the virus,” Galpo said.
“(But) even if the virus is present, if you have a strong resistance, you will not get sick,” she added.** PNA

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