City traffic body reconstituted

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Benjamin Magalong has reconstituted the city’s traffic management committee formerly known as the Traffic and Transportation Management Committee (TTMC) which will now be called the Land Traffic and Transportation Management Committee (LTTMC).
Chaired by the mayor himself and co-chaired by the Coun. Benny Bomogao as head of the city council committee on public utilities, transportation and traffic legislation, the body will be tasked to review the proposed and existing policies, plans, programs and operating procedures on traffic and undertake revisions in accordance with the core agenda for good governance of the city government.
The committee will be composed of the head or representative of the following offices: City Engineering Office, City Planning and Development Office, City Legal Office, City Environment and Parks Management Office, City General Services Office, City Buildings and Architecture Office, Public Information Office, Baguio City Police Office, Traffic Enforcement Unit of the BCPO, Cordillera Depts. of Transportation (DOTr), Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Baguio City District Engineering Office, Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Education (DepEd) and three non-government organizations representing the academe and transport groups.
In Executive Order No. 75, the mayor tasked the body to formulate traffic and transportation policies, plans and programs on public transport utility and supply development, prepare development plans and investment projects, plan, design and upgrade roads, traffic channels, intersections and other infrastructure facilities and formulate codes and other legislation measures.
It is also tasked to develop and maintain a management information system through the establishment of a computerized data bank to support planning, implementation, monitoring and other programs related to transportation and traffic development.
In his order, the mayor also created sub-committees composed of representatives from various non-government organizations, national government agencies and departments of the city government.
The sub-committees will represent the 5 Es of land traffic and transportation namely:
*Engineering to be headed by the city engineer to tackle engineering plans like the construction, improvement and maintenance of road networks, traffic facilities and infrastructure;
*Enforcement to be chaired by the BCPO to focus on implementation of schemes and laws related to traffic;
*Education and information by the CPDO on education and information programs to ensure public awareness;
*Enactment of laws by Bomogao top deal on laws, orders, policies, rules and regulations; and
*Environment by the CEPMO to review appropriateness and responsiveness of the programs to the various aspects of environmental concerns like ambient air quality, water and waste water quality, forest and watershed, parks, noise and solid waste. ** Aileen P. Refuerzo

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