Comelec bares prohibited acts, calendar of activities for barangay, SK elections

LAGAWE, Ifugao – – The Commission on Election (COMELEC) issued the Calendar of Activities and Periods of Prohibited Acts for the October 31, 2016 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Elections.
The COMELEC informed that these are contained in COMELEC Resolution Number 10151 promulgated last July 12, 2016 providing that July 15-30, 2016 shall be the period for the filing of applications for the registration of voters for the election and that the last day to post the notice of hearing with the list of applicants shall be on August 4.
August 8, 2016 shall also be the last day to file opposition to the application for registration as voters and the approval or disapproval of the applications shall be from August 11-15, 2016.
The last day to post the list of approved and disapproved applications for registration as voters will be on August 19, the last day to file petition for inclusion of voters will be on August 25 and the last day to file petition for exclusion of voters shall be on August 31.
Meanwhile, from September 1- November 30, 2016, a prohibited act is the illegal release of prisoners.
Also from September 16-October 30, 2016, it is prohibited to make appointment or hiring of new employees, creation of new position, promotion or giving of salary increases, remuneration or privileges. From October 1-30, 2016, raising funds through dances, lotteries, cockfights and others are banned.
October 1-November 7, 2016 is considered as the Election Period and during this period it is prohibited to alter the territory of a precinct or establishment of a new precinct, the carrying of firearms or other deadly weapons, use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates, transfer or detail of officers and employees in the civil service including public school teachers, organizing or maintaining reaction forces, strike forces or similar forces and the suspension of any elective provincial, city, municipal or barangay officer.
The period for the filing of Certificates of Candidacy is October 3-5, 2016.
The campaign period shall be from October 21-29 that includes the holding of barangay assemblies and candidates.
During this period, it is prohibited to remove, destroy, obliterate, deface, tamper or prevent the distribution of lawful election propaganda, making any donation or gift in cash or in kind that includes the day before election and on election day.
From October 21-October 30 the prohibited act is the construction or maintenance of provincial, city, municipal or barangay funded roads and bridges.
On the eve of election on October 30 it is prohibited to campaign, sell, furnish, offer, buy, serve or take liquor and other intoxicating drinks, giving, accepting free transportation, food, drinks and things of value.
On Election Day, October 31, casting of votes will be from 7AM-3PM, immediately followed by the counting and canvassing of votes and the proclamation of winning candidates.
November 30 shall be the last day to file Statements of Contributions and Expenditures or SOCE by the barangay and SK candidates whether they won or lost. **By Daniel B. Codamon

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