Dengue vigilance urged

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BAGUIO CITY – Outgoing Mayor Mauricio Domogan Monday urged the public to remain vigilant against dengue fever even as the City Health Service Office reported that cases in the city remained low.
In his address during the flag-raising ceremonies, Domogan reminded residents to continually keep their surroundings clean and free from stagnant water where dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed and thrive.
“Dengue is a serious disease and we have to do our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the perils of this dreaded illness,” the mayor said.
The HSO under Dr. Rowena Galpo reported that a total of 99 cases were recorded in the city from January 1 to June 3 which is 18.18 percent decrease from last year’s figure of 121 cases.
“Age of cases range from 4 months to 82 years old (median+22 years). Majority of the cases are males (55 percent). There were no clustering and fatalities reported,” the report from City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (CESU) Head and Dengue Program Coordinator Dr. Donnabel Tubera noted. Earlier, Domogan and Galpo urged the public to observe anti-dengue measures particularly those contained in the city’s Ordinance No. 66 series of 2016 or the “Anti-Dengue Ordinance of the City of Baguio” and the Dept. of Health’s ”Mag 4S Kontra Dengue (4 S: Search and destroy breeding places; Self-protection measures; Seek early consultation; Support spraying to prevent impending diseases).”
“If you are experiencing fever for two days, please have yourself checked at the nearest health center because early detection is necessary to prevent worse symptoms or even death,” Galpo said.
The city’s anti-dengue ordinance mandates the adoption of the following measures:
For households and business owners, they will be required to properly and tightly cover all water containers such as water drums, pails, and water gallons at all times; properly collect, store, dispose or recycle if possible, all unused tin cans, jars, bottles including covers or caps, pots and the like; check and drain water in all plant vases and pots, open bamboo poles or pipe posts, coconut shells, other natural or artificial containers that may accumulate water as these are potential breeding places of mosquitoes; properly dispose broken appliances and other bulky materials which may accumulate rain water; puncture or cut or properly dispose all old or discarded tires; conduct search and destroy activities inside and outside the buildings/homes by doing proper solid waste management, elimination of breeding sites; seek early consultation when experiencing fever of at least two days; wear protective clothing and apply mosquito repellant during the day; maintain all gutters of roof free from stagnant rain water; ensure that uninhabited buildings/structures must be free from all kinds of waste; ensure that buildings/structures under construction or repair must not accumulate stagnant water and solid wastes; treat abandoned swimming pools, water fountains, ponds, and the like with larvicides or other means of controlling vectors as allowed by the Health Services Office; and mix salt water or used oil with the stagnant water particularly in areas which are difficult to clean or areas which frequently accumulates stagnant rain water.
Residents and businesses are also required to secure clearance from the HSO prior to the use of chemicals for killing mosquitoes; to only allow accredited pest control operators to render services within the jurisdiction of the city; to report to hospitals or the nearest health center if any member of a family has any of the symptoms of dengue; implement other preventive and control measures that the DOH or the HSO may provide and introduce in the future; and to inform water authorities of broken water pipelines.**Aileen P. Refuerzo

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