Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disciplina ang kailangan!
That was the shrewd cliché in the early martial law years that is now resurfacing, sponsored by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).
The current concept of the “Disiplina Muna” is a pledge of commitment that says the “change starts with me”!
The objective of the “Disiplina Muna” as an advocacy campaign is to disseminate the culture of discipline and to inculcate among the people as a means to development and progress in the country.
Governor Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr., in his message during the launching program last September 30, 2020, reiterated that it is discipline that cements the people together to work for the common good and for development.
He believes that with the national government spearheading the campaign for “Disiplina Muna”, the campaign could spark the people’s interest and participation in pushing the country forward.
He also cited that the concept of “Displina Muna” is not new to us’ Igorots. Citing the Ato experience where elders teach and impart good manners and discipline to the young, it is to rekindle our people not to be mere recipients of development but to be active partners in development.
He re-echoes the support of the provincial government to the national government initiative.
Parts of the ‘Disiplina Muna” campaign calls for the participation of the people in Road Clearing, Disaster Preparedness and Resilience, Anti-smoking, Ease of Doing Business, Liquor Ban, Tourist Spots Clean-up, and Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council.
The absence of discipline among the people create problems in the way people act that leads to disobedience and/or corruption in the way of life.
A case in point is the indiscriminate garbage and waste disposal on tourist spots. It is to be noted that due to garbage waste concerns in Mount Amuyao, the tourist spot was closed indefinitely.
Another is the case of having limits to drinking sprees as the implementation of the liquor ban was invoked.
With discipline among all sectors of society, especially the local people, the cahievement of change can be possible.
The DILG desires for the unity of the government and the people in threading the path for true change.
Among the personalities pushing for the “Disiplina Muna” intitiative are Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila, Jiggy Manicad, a former TV reporter and senatorial candidate in the last elections, and Diether Ocampo, an actor and officer of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, among others.
Sectoral personalities in the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting in the province signed the Pledge of Commitment on “Disiplina Muna” tarpaulin.**Roger Sacyaten

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