Where is the divorce law?

Aside from the Vatican, we are the only country in the world with no divorce law. Even Italy where the seat of Catholicism is found has such a law. The Catholic clergy which has forestalled the passage of such a law since time immemorial was of course the main factor that allowed the Spaniards to conquer then rule the Philippines […]

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Money, the bane of this country

Not for the lack of it. It is due to having so much of it. We are referring to the politicians. They have lots of it. In between elections, incumbent politicians stash a lot of cash for the next campaign. Because electoral “winnability” is directly proportional to the amount in a candidate’s war chest. If it is empty, his votes […]

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Government taking over Hanjin?

Governments everywhere are not competitive to run a business concern. More so in the Philippines where there is corruption everywhere, from the usual bureaucracy to government corporations. So the government’s plan to take over the operation of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Philippines must be a joke. In the first place, the firm has been declared bankrupt (to prevent creditors […]

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