Death— the good thing about it

What a subject on this Xmas season. But there is the good news, the positive side of it.
So many of us, if not all of us, are afraid about dying. But if we are indeed Christians then we should be glad to die because it means we will go to heaven. Is it automatic that once we are baptized we are assured a ticket to the Kingdom of God? We don’t know. The column stories, however, of Rev. Canon David Tabo-oy on the opposite page are quite revealing on this matter. He speaks of repentance and giving to others. He said, “If you have two shirts, give one to another who has none.”
Then there was that statement of Mother Theresa on giving to the effect that you should give until it hurts. If it does not, it should mean you are not giving enough the Christian way. Similar dictums are found on the teachings of other non-Christian but spiritual groups.
This season is not just Christmas for us. It is also a political season with politicians campaigning everywhere. Are our politicians really Christians? Have they truly repented? Or are they the principal players in the recurring corruption in our midst?
Are they giving until it hurts? No! They are stashing money until their pockets feels the pain of “hurt” for being about to burst. This is the opposite of “giving until it hurts.”
How about us? Are we giving until it hurts? No. We are not. That is why we are all afraid to die because we are all not qualified to enter the Kingdom of God.
Many of us are also afraid to die because we are anxious about the future of our loved ones who will be left behind. But so many who had been orphaned right after birth became successful or OK in life.
How about the age old statement from prophets supposedly in representation of God’s word which we paraphrase, Do my work for the Mission and I will do yours. Indeed, neither the birds nor the bees store hay in the barn, but they still go on living.
So the lesson of the ages as we look at it is that: Keep on giving to the unfortunate until it hurts, not with pride, but with the Lord in mind. And truly repent, not like the politicians whose repentance is just for show.
Then perhaps, our transportation ticket would be automatically reserved.
But then again, if you are too practical and intelligent and have doubts then just consider these as food for thought this Christmas.
Beyond intelligence or practicality lies total devotion or faith. It is there where they give out tickets to the Kingdom. These are not for sale no matter how rich you are.
From our view point.**

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