Duplicity and politics and the DOH

The awards stands for Cordillera Health Advocacy Media and Promotions (CHAMP) Champions of the DOH with the cooperation of DITENG Inc. and the Benguet State University. The awarded news articles on health were written by Jane Cadalig, Rimaliza A. Opina and Ofelia C. Empian, all of the Baguio Midland Courier.
The awards for column stories and Indigenous Health Citation were given to our very own Dr. Penelope A. Domogo.
Radio Sagada 104.7 FM obtained the award for Best Educational Program which use the local dialect to assure effectiveness.
For the outstanding and innovative program on health education and promotion, the Provincial Health Office of Mountain Province garnered the award.
Dr. Joel B. Beleno of the Municipal Health Office of Manabo, Abra got the award as outstanding health advocate.
Awards of course are a good way to inspire people to do a good or even better job. It is a positive way to get results and to meet targets.
Now to the point of duplicity. There was one philosopher, Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar, who once said that the worst disease of the 20th century (and the 21st, we might add) is duplicity. That is, saying one thing and doing another thing.
For instance, in the aforesaid awarding ceremony, the food served during the merienda and lunch were not at all healthy. The iced tea that was free flowing was very sweet. Drink a lot of that often and one can readily become diabetic. Ironically, one of the awarded news article was on dialysis—often the result of diabetes.
The pasta served had a lot of ground commercial meat with all the bad cholesterol and other unhealthy stuff including chemical residues like growth hormones and antibiotics. Similarly, lunch was a lot of commercial meat.
Organic food with lots of fruits and vegetables would have been more in accordance with the DOH call for a healthier lifestyle. Next time the awards can be improved. And hopefully there will be no more evidence of duplicity. For such can be revealing. It can mean that the DOH might also be duplicitous regarding other matters in the pursuit of their mandate.
Let us move on to the politicians who are about to be very visible as elections are just around the bend. They are the most duplicitous members of society. They all talk about honesty, dedication to public service and for them to serve with all their hearts the interest of their constituents.
But when they are voted into office, they do the exact opposite. They are the most corrupt and dishonest and they do with dedication only those that are for their vested interest.

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