Errors on Igorots in instructional materials will happen again

Errors in instructional materials is nothing new. They had been happening again and again, from the grammar to the contents. For now, the composers and manufacturers of such might lay their hands off from us Igorots and other indigenous peoples or groups as their latest booboo is still fresh in the public’s eye. But wait for sometime and books and other educational materials will again be replete with errors, of all sorts.
Why? It is due to lack of brains at the DepEd which finally approves these and faulty management. We thought that with all the brouhaha about atrocious grammar and erroneous contents of instructional materials in the recent past, we would see no more errors, and lack of political correctness and cultural sensitivity.
These only mean that the DepEd people are lacking in brains to come up with management systems to make sure no such errors happen again. Why were there no checks and balances implemented to filter out such errors? Why were not intelligent people hired to make sure the contents were structurally, politically and culturally correct? Such are supposed to be elementary.
This incompetence in coming out with good outputs is not only limited to the DepEd though. It afflicts the whole of government, all its branches and agencies. For the main culprit is the manner of hiring those to man (or woman) the ranks, particularly the higher levels.
The higher the position is being applied for, the more important the political consideration when evaluating qualifications. We have effectively revised the meaning of MBA to mean “May Backer Ako.” When an applicant satisfies the minimum requirements and there is a “backer”, the applicant would be unquestionably hired. It is not hiring the best, just those with minimum requirements who have political backers. So the most important part of application papers has become the political recommendation.
The good news lately was Baguio City Congressman Mark Go filed a resolution for a congressional investigation on the error on Igorots. Hopefully, the congressman who was a professional manager of various multinational companies before he became a politician, would delve into the management systems of government agencies, not just the DepEd, to make these more capable of coming out with better results in their roles. This should include the manner of hiring people. One priority should be to make the submission of political recommendations illegal when applying for a government job. And the thrust should be to hire the best, not just those with minimum requirements.
Another cause of inefficiency in government is due to “over staffing.” Offices are so crowded with people (most of whom are just barely competent) thereby hampering the “speed of work.” This is traceable again to politics. Even if there are no positions to be filled, politicians would create more positions if only to employ political supporters. The spoils of “political war?” No. The “spoils of stupidity in running an organization.”
A big proof of over-staffing is the present condition of government offices. Most of them are only maintaining skeletal employees, and yet the public is sufficiently being served. That means the government can do with only one-half of its employees.
But we are just dreaming. So wait, any minute from now, another big booboo will happen not only in the DepEd but also in other government agencies.**

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