Good schools and lawyers in the Philippines

Nag-undergrad sa Ateneo, nag-Law sa UP. Panginoon, para sa isang matiwasay at mapayapang Battle of Katipunan, inaalay po ng UP at Ateneo sa inyo si Juan Ponce Enrile. Amen
This joke was being circulated through the social media after the UP Fighting Maroons basketball team (the long time laughing stock in the UAAP) beat the Adamson University Falcons in a cliff hanger of a game which ended 89-87 after an overtime.
Juan Ponce Enrile took his two year pre-law at the Ateneo de Manila University and then his law at the UP. The face off now in the finals between the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the UP Fighting Maroons is being touted as the Battle of Katipunan because of Katipunan Road which runs at the back of UP Diliman and down that road towards Marikina is the front of the main Ateneo campus.
Juan Ponce Enrile is the main character in the joke because with all his intelligence, so many Filipinos question whether or not he contributed to the good of the country. Perhaps we should include the schools themselves. What did UP graduates bring us? As one constitutional law professor quipped, it is the UP Law graduates who destroyed Philippine democracy through the declaration of Martial Law.
On the other hand, Ateneo is the classic Roman Catholic University along with the oldest one, University of Santo Tomas, and others which had been existing for centuries and yet where are we now as a country. We are a corrupt third world nation despite the thousands and thousands of graduates from these religious universities. It is like echoing what then President Marcos said, to the effect that the Catholic Church should share the blame for the lack of morals of our people.
Let us expand it even further. We see thousands and thousands of people becoming lawyers every year in our beloved land. They go on to occupy responsible offices in government (by election or by appointment), in the academe or in big private firms. So they have become the ubiquitous symbol of the highly educated.
So much so that many Filipinos regard becoming a lawyer as the first step towards success—which the majority measure in terms of money amassed, whether or not obtained through crooked means. And yet everywhere is corruption. Is there really such a thing called legal ethics?
In short, this country or the great majority of its people were betrayed by the best schools and the highly educated people.
Sure. “Inaalay po namin sa inyo si Juan Ponce Enrile” and his ilk. That is including all the “good” schools and the highly educated all over this land.

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