Magalong vs Albayalde

It might save the government a lot of money and efforts of investigation officers and prosecutors. That is, if the investigation on ninja cops will end up in shooting incidents. Hopefully, it will be the bad guys who will be down on ground the when the gunpowder smoke clears up.
The allegations are mindboggling, particularly the amount of shabu supposed to have been recycled from the raid by a group of policemen in Pampanga when PNP chief Albayalde was the provincial commander. Allegedly, more than 200 kilos of shabu were taken by the police but what were turned over were a measly 38 kilos. The street value? Billions of pesos.
Surely the remainder of more than 168 kilos found their way into the streets. These made a lot more addicts, who later had to kill, maim, rape, extort or commit other crimes to get cash to feed their addiction.
There was an investigation later and the cops involved were ordered dismissed. Then Albayalde allegedly called the person who was to implement it not to do so. For they were his men. Did that mean he was the boss of the recycling of drugs?
Now Albayalde has to reveal a more interesting news that can take away the public’s interest from the accusation against him. Or reveal earth jolting anomalies committed by his accusers or the witnesses against him. Otherwise, even the most capable PR firm around cannot deodorize the public perception against him. This is judging by how the public perceived the much publicized episodes of the unfolding mystery.
These sent tongues wagging all over town. Somebody related a well known criminal family in one big town of the Cordillera whose members appear to be untouchable—untouched by tokhang operations against drug pushers and addicts right after PDu30 moved to Malacanang. At one time, the family’s lair was raided and a sizeable amount of shabu were confiscated including high powered firearmts. The shabu never got officially accounted for and the firearms were returned to the family.
What happened? The rumor was that the family coughed up P15 million. Its members are still roaming around freely. Every now and then, a police raid was conducted but nothing serious ever resulted from these.
As more police officers quarrel, there will be more revelations about their crimes including the recycling of drugs. And more government savings from the supposed intention of cleaning the ranks.**

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