Money and more money

With the billions of pesos being released for the bonuses of government employees– their 14th month pay and cash gift of P5,000.00– the effect will be felt in a matter of days.. Police officers will be receiving theirs in a few days. Other employees will be next. Even the corner sari sari store will have better revenues.
The cash registers of malls will be ringing incessantly. Producers of goods and services will be up to their neck with work to cope with the sudden increase in demand. It will be problematic for them, but what a nice problem.
It is not just the bonuses that is making business people busy. A big part of the cause is because politicians who recently filed their certificates of candidacy have started disbursing the contents of their war chests. It will keep going on until the elections on May next year. So this is the time to make some money.
Who will make the most? Those who had anticipated this situation and prepared for it. For the sellers of goods, it would be those who filled their bodegas with their stocks-in-trade. Those who had not done so will be left in the dust by their competitors.
For those offering services, it would be those who had honed their skills to be competitive or have enough people to do whatever is demanded of them by customers. Those who are short handed or not competitive enough in terms of skill and ability will also be left in the dust by competitors.
To be ahead in the game there is an obvious commonality among the two kinds of businesses— preparation. If a firm has prepared well enough, it will be able to satisfy the higher level of customer needs. Those who will caught flat footed will not have a white Christmas. Nor will they be smiling on their way to the bank, from this time all the way to the midterm elections.
What is the most important factor so people could prepare for opportunities? Brains. This connotes education. It is usually those with good educational backgrounds who can foresee and prepare better for opportunities.**

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