Needless police deaths

The deaths of some policemen the other week in Mountain Procince brings to the fore again the issue on intelligence funds. For it appears that the intelligence community are always being caught flat footed. As if they don’t know anything about the enemy. Why can’t it buy information? Obviously, there is no money being used for that purpose because intelligence funds are always the favorite target of corrup high ranking military and police officers. For it is difficult to audit how such funds are being spent or used. Never mind if the lives of their low ranking officers are always dangerously on the line.
While it might be too much to expect Israeli precision in the conduct of intelligence activities in this country, some acceptatble competence is expected. As things are, as if we don’t have an intelligence community at all. Even if a lot of intelligence funds– in the billions of pesos– are being allotted every year
If this situation continues, the so called enemies of the state will continue to grow and flourish. As of now, they night not still be at the gates, but they will soon be there. Unless the government get its act togethere, we might as well turn over the store now and we might end saving more precious lives.
This is not being an alarmist. It is being exasperated at how a government can be very incompetent in providing for the needs of the people. In this case, the need to be secure or safe in their homes or in their workplaces. There is no security when policemen are being ambushed in their own turf or key facilities are being blasted to smithereens in broad daylight or when businesses in remote areas are being extorted from with impunity.
No amount of rallies by people in the rural areas led by their local officials can make them safe if the supposed intelligence community are so incompetent.
Then there is the attituded of law enforcers. One military official commented the other day that a training was conducted a few months back among policemen in a town in Mountain Province on how to deal with terroristic attacks and he was disgusted because the policemen were taking it lightly. Hopefully, he was wrong, but with what happened in Tadian and Bauko recently, it appears he was very right.
The worst danger regarding such terroristic attacks is these might be used to justify the declaration of Martial Law or the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.**

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