Never too late for our OFWs

The threat of the tragedy called President Trump of the USA is upon us. OFWs in a number of countries are now being sent home.
Sadly, the safety nets that the government always brag about for such dire situations are inadequate.
And the reality here can be as dire. We have seen quite a number of kids of our OFW-heroes who were destroyed by money. This might have been to assuage the feeling of OFW parents who had not been around enough during their kids’ growing up years. Or perhaps due to the thinking that the kids should not suffer the same monetary deprivation they had to go through. Or to make neighbors see that their family is now better off economically. Or for any number of other reasons.
The most recent from Trump affecting our OFWs was the bombing of the Iranian stronghold in Iraq. Before this was the bombing, allegedly by Iran, of a Saudi oil facility. And there will be more. What is however different in this latest incident is OFWs are now being evacuated or repatriated from a number of Middle East countries.
And what would they find back home? Spoiled kids who dropped out from school? Others might already be of age but did not finish college and could hardly support themselves.
So where did all the money, earned with great effort and unmentionable sacrifice, from abroad go?
But it is never too late for our OFWs to implement measures so their earnings will not be wasted. The best investment of course is for this to be used for the education of the kids. It is the best inheritance a parent could bestow to an offspring.
If not, then meaningful investments that should be fail-safe, if possible, must be opted for. We must say it again that a meaningful investment requires some hard work to run. These can only last or grow only through a high sense of responsibility and hard work.
Talks are rife of so many OFWs whose money were practically thrown away in get-rich-quick scams. Being taken by get-rich-quick come-ons is plain and simple STUPIDITY.**

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