On board exams and centralization

A Saint Louis University graduate topped the recent architecture board exams. The number two is a UP alumnus and there is also another one from UP in the top 10. The number 10 is from University of Baguio. Two in the top 10 graduated from universities in the Visayas– University of San Carlos in Cebu and Silliman University in Dumaguete. It was also good that one of the world’s oldest universities, University of Santo Tomas, landed two of its alumni in the top 10.
Likewise, the pioneer schools offering technical courses as we knew these, Adamson University and Mapua University landed one each of their alumni in the top 10.
The geographic distribution of the top 10 therefore is 6 graduated in Metro Manila, two in the Visayas while 2 graduated in Baguio.
Why are there no graduates from Mindanao in the top 10. While there are good universities there (UP and Ateneo have campuses there) but they are not offering architecture. There is also a good state college or university in Bukidnon but it is not offering architecture.
The point is that this country needs to decentralize everything from the political and economic systems all the way to the educational system. Why should somebody have to go to Metro Manila for a good education? More so those in Mindanao and those in the Visayas? Why should an ordinary bureaucrat have to go to Metro Manila to follow up his promotion?
The effect of centralization is that there is congestion in the center and lack of development, so lack of employment, in the outskirts. Closer to home, the Cordillera is so centralized in Baguio City that everybody in the Cordillera is flocking here. So the offices, starting from the regional ones, should be spread out. So should educational opportunities. This can be started by the government by improving the state colleges in the countryside like those in Mountain Province, Ifugao, Apayao and Kalinga. Benguet State University also can make use of some improvements. It has campuses in Buguias and Bokod.
Easy but difficult to accomplish. The money is just being filched by the powers-that-be.**

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