Our gullibility and covid-19

The mark of the Beast as per the Book of Revelations, so they say. They are the anti-Christ, those who have propagated the Covid-19 hoax. Foremost among them was Bill Gates who even came up with the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine with teeny weeny computer chips that could alter your genome, and that you could be readily monitored, or even killed remotely. It is genocide of the highest order.
Stories of this sort are all over the social media. Somebody even came to the office of this paper to deliver hard copies of such tales to be published so the biggest hoax on earth, the Covid-19, will be exposed to all and sundry. It was supposed to be a social service effort on his part.
Nobody’s suing these people, because the victims, the gullible, are not being filched of their savings. But it is gullibility just the same.
Another proof of our gullibility is we are readily victimized by scammers. Anybody who could promise easy money through cash investments will always get a sizeable patronage. A lot were victimized here in the Cordillera over the years by such people, to the tune of millions of pesos. Some of the amounts were lump sum retirement benefits, others were hard-earned lifetime savings, still others are proceeds from the sale of parcels of land. .
Such scammers appear to have lied low the past year and this year due to a widespread scheme that victimized a lot of people around. Many lawyers have been kept busy by this. With that still fresh in people’s minds, many got scared from investing in similar rackets. But give it a few years for things to cool down, and our gullibility will again manifest, just in time for new scams to be hatched.
An element of gullibility is stupidity. And we don’t have a monopoly over it.
Look at the trump phenomenon. American courts and election offices across the US, manned (or womanned) by Republicans and Democrats alike had declared that there was no evidence of massive fraud to warrant the reversal of the election results showing that President-elect Joe Biden won. And yet millions of Americans still believe Pres. Donald Trump when he says that his election victory was stolen.
The latest debunking of Trump’s claim was the one-sentence ruling of the US Supreme Court denying the petition of the Trump campaign to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. Just one sentence, very clear, there could not be any confusion about it. Many of the justices there were appointed by Trump who agreed with the ruling. It was unanimous. Those justices were brilliant or intelligent.
But still millions of Americans get animated in support of Trump whenever he spouts his brazen lies. The good thing about them is they put their money where their mouth is. At least, they contributed about US$200 million to support Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results in various courts, about 99.99% of which were immediately dismissed.
So is that kind of stupidity better, or even worse? **

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