Our national shame

Here goes again our national shame. Not taking care of our best people and they go to other countries which then benefit from their high powered brains. It had been going on since time immemorial—scientists or inventors, doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, etc. It is called brain drain. Now we know, it happens only to countries whose leaders do not have much brains and the political will to implement what is good for the citizens.
Here is the latest in this continuing tragedy called Philippines. Wesley So, the chess genius who is now the best in the world, who just beat the then No. 1 a few days ago at the very young age of 26. And he was playing with the US flag proudly on his side. The Philippine flag was nowhere to be seen.
But as he said (from articles posted on the internet): “I am a true Filipino who cares about the future of Filipino children growing up in an endless cycle of corruption and zero opportunity. My heart aches for talented people there who because of poverty haven’t any hope for their future.”
So sad but very true. Read articles on his saga in the internet and see how an ordinary man in this country cannot go far no matter how talented or intelligent. To shine they had to go abroad.
In 2006, So was the youngest member of the Philippine chess team that competed in Italy. He became the 9th youngest grandmaster at the age of 14.
Because of his talent he received a college scholarship from former world women’s champion Susan Polgar and he attended Texas Tech and then Webster University in 2012.
In 2013 the Philippine Sports Commission and the Philippine Olympic Committee denied him the Php1 million incentive for anybody who can bring home a gold medal in sports competitions. This was after he won the gold medal at the world Universiade Games in Kazan, Russia.
So he switched sides. He now represents the US.
When asked if there is a chance for him to come back and represent the Philippines, he said something to this effect: What for? To condone corruption?
We are again left in the dirt.**

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