Relying on oneself against the covid-19

When the this pandemic was declared nobody in this country took it seriously. The President even said, “Sampalin ko pa ‘yang beerus na ‘yan.” Only a few in the medical world who really studied medical history were aware of its gravity. The Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 to 1919 resulted in the death of about 50 million people, 12 million in India alone and more than half a million in the USA. More than half of people all over the world were infected with the virus. Now, less than 1% of the world’s population were infected but still more than a million had already died because of it. That’s a lot invaluable human life.
Like any other disaster, the key for one not to become a part of the statistics of sorry victims is to rely on oneself. During typhoons, one should not rely on others to prevent his roof from being blown away. Before that it should have been fixed to be sturdy enough. If that was not done due to the usual procrastination then at least put some heavy materials over it like tires or hollow blocks or stones. There will always be something that one could pick up somewhere for free for that purpose.
In short, the best defense to not become a victim is not to be stupid.
The very first advisory of the Department of Health when this pandemic was announced was to keep your immune system strong. Follow good healthy habits or lifestyle which means a lot— having good nutrition, maintain cleanliness or hygiene, have enough rest and exercise and maintain a happy mood or a positive outlook in life.
Then follow the simple health protocols that were scientifically proven to be effective like wearing of face masks and social distancing. As found out during the 1918 to 1919 flu pandemic, places in the USA that observed these suffered a lot less deaths. But if you are as stupid or as stupidly macho as President Trump, be our guest.
One of the latest advisories of the DOH was on effective treatments to covid-19 that are readily available to almost every one. It mentioned three—virgin coconut oil, and the leaves of taoa-taoa and lagundi. These leaves are usually taken as tea. If you planted lagundi during the start of this pandemic, you should now have a free supply of its leaves as a preventive measure and as a remedy. Lagundi cough syrup is also available in most drugstores, this might be a qualified substitute. As to taoa-taoa, we were informed that it is like weeds in some areas hereabouts.
Those with co-morbidities have to religiously follow the dos and don’ts regarding their condition.
While these measures are not difficult to follow, many of us can be smart by half. For instance, many groups in Baguio City caused the lockdown of their respective barangays due to spike in the number of covid-19 cases for their having engaged in drinking sprees using only one glass to drink from.**

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