The acquittal of Bong Revilla

We still have to take a look-see at the decision of the Sandiganbayan on the plunder case against Bong Revilla. Although the Philippine Daily Inquirer posted a scanned copy on its website, which was not readable as we did not know how to make it clear. Anyway Revilla will be free after issuance of the inevitable order for him to be released.
The most important thing about the acquittal is how people will look at it. So many, if not the great majority of citizens, will conclude that in this country, committing big crimes does not only pay, it pays big. For the small petty criminals, they are often readily sent to jail. For those who can buy their way out of jail, it is often just a matter of time before they are scot free. There will be some trial just for show, but the result is often the same. The big time criminal always walk out.
Such is the best deterrent to having a decent citizenry. Such is the best deterrent to economic progress. A stinking judicial system results in people with stinking values.
Another effect will be, if you are close to those in power, court justices or judges can be bent your way. It is called power play and this has been true in this beloved land since time immemorial. Want a level playing field for the poor and the rich, for the weak and those in power? Go somewhere else. Not here. Not now.
Will this change in the future? Not in a hundred years. Even if those whose main political color is yellow will win the political reins, and even if those whose favorite colors are red, white and blue, or any color for that matter will be up there, the future for us would still be the same. In other words, you can choose any color you want but the future would still be black.
Everything goes back to us. We can vote wisely for the future. This however entails changing ourselves for the future. But that is the hardest thing to do.**

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