The Ampatuans and abuse of power

They thought they were gods. But they have become the devil.
Their fate is the direst society can dish out.
The Ampatuans must have ascribed godly powers to themselves. That they could kill people like chicken including anybody who got in the way. The media people for instance who were just out to cover what would happen were also ‘backhoed’ by the Ampatuans into their graves.
They were ignorant, devoid of any moral education. How could that happen in a supposedly modern society? And how could law enforcers be accessories or co-conspirators in such barbaric episode unmindful of consequences? Because they thought there would be no consequence.
It is totally being ignorant of natural processes. The law of karma. Whatever happens will have equal, if not more, opposite consequence or reaction. This might come forthwith or would take many years. But come it will. Call it God’s will, or what He imbued nature with so the process would inexorably go on or operate even if everybody went to sleep. God of course is not sleeping. So the inexorable is even being watched by the universal Taskmaster to be perfectly carried out..
This is obvious everywhere, every time. But people ignore it when they get drunk with power. When they start thinking they are gods.
The verdict might have taken eternity, but it came.
Other politicians didn’t have to wait that long. We just have to see the local versions who thought they could get away with corruption with impunity and they end up keeling over. Others do some suffering first like undergoing dialysis, while others successfully pass on their positions of power to sons or daughters not knowing that they are doing so along with the curse of committing the same sinful ways. And the karmic returns will always come.
And so the Ampatuans are not in power anymore and their victims, the Mangudadatus might be in power now. Sadly, even the victims are not immune from being intoxicated with power. And when or if that happens they become the new tyrants, forgetting the natural law of karma.
Such drunkenness is not easy to avoid. It slowly creeps up from behind making the ego taste bit by bit how power is wielded. The tasting becomes bigger and bigger and then the ego gets so bloated. Then the thinking that one is god happens.**

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