The billion lotto prize and our mentality

People were lining up to buy lotto tickets the past days. They endured standing for hours, even under the sun, with their eyes moist on winning the billion pesos jackpot prize. What are a person’s chance? Almost zero. Yet nobody can prohibit anyone from dreaming.
What was noteworthy about this? It reflects our cinderella mentality. Those countless who endured lining up for the chance to instantly become billionaires would hardly consider working under the sun on a farm to plant vegetables or other crops which will surely bring some returns in the form of produce in the near future. It will surely be a win, but for a small value.
Yet every values is composed of small units. Lump so many of it and a big value will result. So the ordinary worker or farmer who toils every day and lives modestly will surely have something saved at the end of the year. On the other hand, 99.99% of those who line up to buy lotto tickets will never gain anything from it.
Look at the popular telenovelas that people rush home for to watch at designated times often end up with the star marrying somebody who, despite his or her pitiful appearance, turned out to be the son or daughter of a very rich man. Presto! Riches beyond one’s wildest dreams.
Big money without much effort. That is what most of us are looking for.
That is the same reason so many are easily victimized by scammers who promise unreasonably big returns for some small investments. That is also the main reason why so many are gullible to “invest” big money, even to the extent of selling or mortgaging valuable real properties, for some treasure hunting ventures in the hope of recovering the Marcos money or Yamashita’s bullions looted throughout Southeast Asia during World War II.
All of these dreamers ended up in jail or in the poor house, holding the proverbial empty bag.
So if you are one of those dreamers lining up for lotto tickets, good luck. But chances are, you will be, or had been, parting with your money for nothing.
Sadly, there is no hospital for stupidity.**

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