The P15B Senate buildings

The proponent senators said the project will just cost around 4 billion pesos. Other experts estimate the cost of the four 11 storey senate buildings to get bloated along the way to about P13B. Add the P2B cost of the 8.5 hectare land at the plush Fort Bonifacio Global City and the grand total will be P15B. What is the reason for new Senate buildings?
The total floors will be 48 including parking spaces. We only have 24 senators. So roughly, one senator, the likes of Lito Lapid, Manny Pacquiao, Tito Sotto, Bong Revilla, etc., will have two floors to himself.
With millions of our people mired in poverty and our being classified as belonging to the Third World, our senators might have their brains mixed with their s—t.
If you recall there was only P1B funding for the project to stop millions of our less fortunate people from running to the neighborhood usurer, commonly known as 5-6, which gets them deeper into debts or the financial quagmire. The fund was to be lent out at very low interest to small borrowers. Then it was increased to P2B.
Then there was the good push of the government to assist micro, small and medium enterprises with business and technical education and funding through soft loans. Allied with this is a very good program of the Department of Science and Technology to financially aid those with ongoing micro or small businesses in their expansion programs or in upgrading their operations through financial packages without interest.
All of these were funded with small amounts—just a billion or two. And they have good effects or results. Can you imagine if the P15B to be spent on the projected Senate buildings is poured into these programs to have a wider and bigger impact?
Such could substantially reduce the wide gap between the very rich and the very poor.**

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