The translacion and our religious folly

The translacion or the movement of the Black Nazarene image was a sight to behold. Millions of people a frenzy, shoulder to shoulder (rather, body to body), following the image’s carriage from the church in Quiapo all the way to the Rizal or Luneta Park. Good thing temperatures were relatively low the past days.
Over the years people testified that joining the event resulted in answers to their prayers. Some said their incurable diseases got cured or problematic situations suddenly found solutions. Just by joining the frenzied event.
There is however a difference between devotion and fanaticism, as Cardinal Tagle intoned. Or, he could have said, there is a difference between devotion and stupidity.
God is just and he will dispense justice fairly. So a criminal who victimized and made a lot of people suffer cannot get absolved or forgiven of his sins or crimes just by joining the translacion—unless justice is done. He will have to suffer for these. If not in this lifetime, after he is judged at the Pearly Gates.
Are there other ways to suffer for one’s sins or crimes in this lifetime to avoid being burned in hell for a billion years or forever and ever? We guess so. Sincerely helping others in need is a good way. At least that is how we look at it. If a lifetime were not enough, then serving others will have to be continued in other lifetimes. Hence, the explanation for rebirth and for those who were born in unfortunate situations like having congenital diseases or deformities, or being dirt poor from birth to death. God however is all powerful and he can just choose to have a criminal’s soul burn in hell forever and ever.
How about those who have to suffer serious diseases now? Any suffering is in payment for something done that made others suffer, either in this lifetime or in previous ones.
One religious person had related that he has seen many people going through a lot of suffering for extended periods and they often admit towards the end that it was a cleansing (of sins or crimes?) process in preparation for their eventual meeting with their Maker.
Of course politicians can be sinners or criminals. Or are those terms synonimous?

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