There will be more floods and landslides

There will the usual gnashing of teeth. Those who lost loved ones will cry their hearts out. There will the usual investigations on the causes of the floods and the landslides. But nothing much will happen to prevent such from happening again. Not because they are inevitable, but because we are not getting angry enough to demand accountability and sense of responsibility from those in government.
And we will still be stupid again to vote into office come next election, the same kinds of people who are corrupt and incompetent in leading us to higher ground.
There is nothing new about the causes of our woes due to typhoons, this time Ulysses. Deforestation, illegal acts, corruption, ignorance and incompetence of people in government.
Travel to Isabela and Cagayan and all the mountains you can see from the highway are bald having been deforested long time ago. Despite many expensive reforestation programs of the government, some financed by the Asian Development Bank or the World Bank which means we the people have to repay these, not much happened due to corruption and incompetence. The money just went to the pockets of corrupt contractors and their protectors in government like those in the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
The same thing is true with the mountains above Marikina and the province of Rizal. Go up Tanay, Rizal, and all the mountains beyond Camp Capinpin and the are nothing but cogonal peaks. They also had been deforested long ago. Did the government do anything about the situation?
The only thing they did was to throw borrowed money to the problem , as aforesaid, that solved nothing.
Then there are the houses built on river easements or on dry parts of rivers that were miraculously awarded land titles by the government. How did that happen? Not only do they constrict the water flow but they become expensive liabilities during big storms.
Then there are us, the people. We are not helping enough, even in small ways. Are we planting enough trees on our private lands or in public lands? Who does that? Nobody.
While the bigger responsibility falls on the shoulders of government officials, we have to share the burden.
In sum, we should be angry at those in government but we should also look at ourselves. We should act to prevent climate change, in much the same way that we should help in kicking out those corrupt and incompetent in government, from the very top, down to the barangay level.**

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