We are the hope

We the people are the hope of this country. A small step towards that end is to vote wisely come May 13. The mandate of the Senate, for instance, is to come up with laws for the general welfare of the people. That may be a simple phrase but very loaded. For after decades and decades of the Congress’ existence, majority of our people has yet to realize that their welfare is being taken care of by the government. What they know is general suffering. To achieve anything to secure a better future for one’s family, one has to suffer a lot. Just to send one child to college, means a family has to go through untold sacrifices. The tuition fees in state colleges and universities might now be free, but there are still a lot of other expenses a student has to pay for a lot of other requirements such as board and lodging, materials required for projects and experiments, books, clothing, lab and miscellaneous expenses, field trips, etc.
We are quite sure that the likes of the actors or actresses, sportsmen only don’t have enough competence to come up with solutions to such problems.
But competence is not just the main consideration. A more important requirement in voting for officials is their morality or values. If they cannot live a simple life then they cannot lead us to higher ground. If they have a screwed up sense of morality, they will not just lead us to nowhere. They will also rob us blind.
While being a lawyer is a big advantage when it comes to working in legislatures (the sangguniangs, the Congress and the Senate) all over the land, that is only second to morality or values. Being a lawyer can cut both ways. It can be used for the crafting of better laws at faster speeds, but it can be misutilized by being creative in perpetrating corruption and other schemes for one’s self-interest.
No doubt it will not be easy to vote for the right candidates. The opinions of well respected individuals might help in our decisions. A brainstorming with family members might also prove fruitful. One thing though we should guard against is that we should not be considering promoting our vested interest but the common good. If we are only thinking of our self-interest, how can we expect others not to be so?
If we have to support a candidate and try to influence others to act the same way, let it be on his merits for the office he is running for. By that way, we are also promoting our self-interest.**

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