What is being overlooked in elections

What is bad in our so called universal suffrage or allowing everybody to vote is the treatment of every vote as the same in value. A stupid vote is the same in value as an intelligent one. A vote that was bought for a few silvers, is the same as that that had been cast after a lot of consideration on the honesty and ability of candidates to govern. So it has come to pass that the phrase “honest politicians” is now a contradiction of terms.
The key to solve this is to allow only those who were properly educated to vote. By education, it need not be formal. For, verily, a college degree holder who just got through by memorizing and parroting back what a teacher said is not educated enough.
As one guru said, “Educated is he who has learned much, remembered much and able to apply these in practical life.” Such kind of education makes one wise on the ways of the world. One who thinks first and foremost of the common good, not his selfish interest, before casting his vote.
If we have to get a license to drive a vehicle around, why can’t we impose some relevant qualifications before one can vote. An unqualified vehicle driver might endanger some lives, but an unqualified voter can help a politician become powerful who can cause so many deaths in the thousands or in the millions. That politician cannot just cause fatal hunger and diseases to millions due to poverty and corruption, he can also cause half of humanity to perish by causing a third world war on a whim, or because of his ego.
In coming up with relevant qualifications for a responsible voter, these should be dependent on factors obtaining in a place, after considering the people’s general situation at a given time. In short, factor in the time, place and person, for everything is relative.
The long and tall of it is that a stupid vote must be treated as such. Of no value. It should not even be allowed to be cast.**

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