‘What is happening to our country, General?’

These were the words of then Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez when he was shot and a general arrived supposed to help him. The question might be relevant today.
With the attempted arrest of Senator Trillanes, it will soon be known how popular PDu30 is. The 1986 EDSA Revolution all started with then Acting Army Chief of Staff Fidel Ramos and then Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile seeking refuge in Camp Crame and in Camp Aguinaldo. This was because the coup d’etat plan of Enrile and Gringo Honasan and their group to topple down then President Marcos was found out. So their seeking refuge.
The next major event that ensued was Bishop Cardinal Sin calling the people to gather around the vicinity of the two camps to protect Ramos and Enrile. The reaction was instantaneous. Throngs went to the area and their number kept on increasing every minute. Visible in the crowd were flower bearing Roman Catholic nuns with words of reason who even confronted soldiers with high powered guns.
In the case of Sen. Trillanes, he already slept for two night in the senate and yet there were no flower bearing nuns to mass around the compound, much less big crowds to show mass support for his cause or his side on the issue at hand.
There is therefore no impending polarization of the population. Or that there is no critical mass of citizens that would endanger this administration’s hold on to power. Whether this is good or bad does not really matter. It is just the reality.
The coming days will prove this or will debunk it. While a polarization will be troublesome and might even result in too much suffering for the people, the result will be changes—in the way of governance or in our mentality or way of thinking. There will be a new awareness and, in the long run, will always be for the better. Democratic countries did not just happen overnight. They were the results of struggle and strife.
So while these latest turn of events can be “worrisome”, everything will be for the better. The bad news is that we will only realize this after a lot of suffering and destruction and after the smoke clears.
Since the impending arrest of Sen. Trillanes will have far reaching effects, we also ask the same question, “What is happening to our country?” **

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