Ifugao event to tackle coop concerns

LAGAWE, IFUGAO– Leading figures of the cooperative movement in Ifugao as well as key officials of the provincial government are gathering on Oct. 26 at the Atrium of the provincial capitol building in Lagawe for the culminating program of the Cooperative Month celebration.
All 18 members of the Ifugao Credit Surety Fund Cooperative (ICSFC) are expected to be represented in the historic assembly for the unprecedented collaboration to provide an impetus for them to reach greater heights.
The activity and a fellowship lunch are also the perfect way to try to forge stronger ties between them under the “new normal”.
The theme is “Amidst the Pandemic, Stand for Resiliency, Strive for Sustainability.”
According to Board Member Agustin Calya-en, the gathering is “an encouraging sign that the province’s cooperatives are not losing focus on the task of contributing to the economy, most especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.”
Calya-en is the chairman of the committee on cooperatives and people’s organizations.
Growth in the cooperative front accelerated in the past ten years. However, the coronavirus crisis drastically altered its momentum as economic growth plummeted in the second and third quarters of 2020. Major cooperatives here have maintained their opera as their chief executive officers were firmly focused on not undertaking further retrenchment moves. Unemployment is a major problem in Ifugao.
The program’s main guests will include Governor Jerry Dalipog, Vice Governor Glenn Prudenciano and Land Bank-Lagawe Branch manager Joel Cabrera. Other participants are Board Member Geronimo Bimohya and Panubtuban Multipurpose Cooperative manager Analyn Bulintao.
Apart from the Ifugao Global Entrepreneurs Multipurpose Cooperative and the Panubtuban Multipurpose Cooperative, other cooperatives that have contributed to the ICSFC cause are Aguinaldo Marketing and Development Cooperative, Alfonso Lista Multipurpose Cooperative, Belongings Loan and Credit Cooperative, Banaue Savings Development Cooperative, Filipino Overseas Workers Credit Cooperative, Hojap Multipurpose Cooperative, Hungduan Employees Multipurpose Cooperative, Hungduan Micro Finance Development Cooperative, IFSU Employees Multipurpose Cooperative, Ifugao Multipurpose Development Cooperative, Ifugao Public Servants Multipurpose Cooperative, Kalanguya Cultural Community Multipurpose Cooperative, Kesimelan Multipurpose and Development Cooperative, Lagawe Multipurpose Development Cooperative and Lamut Grassroots Savings and Development Cooperative.
“You can be sure that the provincial government is there to help the cooperatives,” Governor Dalipog said.
For his part, Vice Governor Prudenciano sounded the need for stronger ties between the government and cooperative sector. “This underscores the support of cooperatives to the provincial government’s economic vision and agenda that will spur growth to benefit the lives of our people especially the poor and the marginalized,” he told the ZigZag Weekly. He is widely recognized for his tremendous courage to stand up for Ifugao’s cooperatives.
Today’s milestone represents the commitment and dedication of cooperatives to constantly provide the public with quality products and services. If you’re still looking for a reason to join one, listen to the voice of reason. “I have learned that there is so much we can be proud of joining a cooperative,” Asipulo-based Hojap Multipurpose Cooperative head Shirley Togtog declared
For now, cooperatives should focus on the provision of quick-disbursing assistance to members as an expression of genuine compassion in helping the poor. Awareness of their plight during these difficult times would help build a sense of purpose ultimately manifesting readiness to extend a helping hand when needed most. For starters, officers should look into the database of the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction. Strive for sustainability, as the celebration’s theme loudly proclaims, is well-intended, but not practical and realistic because of the battered economy. There is nothing to sustain under a negative growth rate. Clearly, the priority is economic recovery. A person’s resolve will not falter, if the mindset is right.** By Anthony A. Araos

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