It’s easy to see why Hojap coop is on top

LAGAWE, IFUGAO – – The Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative (HMPC) is set to take a giant leap forward early this year as the 25-year-old, Asipulo-based cooperative is scheduled to hold its general assembly and election of officers program on March 13 at a centrally-located venue of the town.
HMPC officer Guillermo Tadao said the cooperative is set to fill up three vacant seats of the Board of Directors (BOD). Also up for grabs are positions in six committees, including the all-important election committee.
“Yes we hope to conduct the main program or general assembly and later the election of officers in just one day.” Tadao said.
HMPC posted 72 million pesos asset networth this year.
Overall, office reports found and showed that the HMPC has improved on its already robust growth, diversity and inclusion policies. The passion for driving excellence at the office and in the field was largely influential to this development.
Tadao earlier explained that the cooperative is experiencing unprecedented growth.
A total of 1,167 members now proudly comprise the cooperative. The cooperative offers a membership fee of 100 pesos on top of subscribed share capital of 12,000 pesos scheme, payable in a four-year period plan. Once fully paid, the member is given a subscription certificate.
Apart from Ifugao, the cooperative currently operates in Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino provinces, all in the Cagayan Valley Region.
The roll out of HMPC projects to complement its wide-ranging quality services offered to members and the public is in full swing after members vowed to extend all-out support, assistance and cooperation to both Tadao and Shirley Tagtag, the cooperative’s manager, as well as BOD members.
The cooperative raised a premium and preferential attention at coffee products it is selling at affordable prices. The Coffee Consolidation Processing and Marketing project is a major component of the cooperative’s business operations.
“We are thankful to the increasing number of buyers of our products,” Tadao said.
A guest speaker will likely share his or her wisdom and perception in his or her speech to encourage members to enlist more men and women to join the cooperative movement.
“We celebrate the Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative foundation day annually to remember and honor individuals for their relentless support in the implementation of various programs, projects and activities of our cooperative.” Tagtag said.
Both Tadao and Ms. Tagtag vowed to exhort and motivate members to uphold HMPC’s principles, specifically regarding economic empowerment in underserved villages. Both are known for their commitment to raising the living standards of the people.
For coffee farmers in the predominantly farming town of Asipulo, every extra peso earned in these difficult economic times is heaven-sent. It helps them raise a family. Asipulo’s poverty incidence rate is extremely high. Coffee is a high-value crop.
Improvement of the plight of coffee farmers through the help of the HMPC and, of course, the national government, will also translate to possible increased earnings of said farmers and their beneficiaries. An honest-to-goodness effort of the national government to provide them a coffee processing facility is much desired. It shall provide employment opportunities within their locality. In other words, coffee farmers at the grassroots level create jobs that boost Ifugao folk earnings. Sadly, there is hardly any support from the provincial government.
The coffee planting to harvesting cycle covers the period of December to May each year.
The Hojap Kesi’ Melan coffee is enriched by a robusta variety of coffee, a distinctly world-class produce.
Over the years, highland coffee varieties are quite popular in the Philippines. In other countries coffee is considered a high-cash crop, thus, substantial assistance is extended to coffee farmers. In Cavite, a lowland province in the main island of Luzon, the provincial government infuses large amount of funds to upgrade productivity of coffee farmers.
“We must enhance technologies to improve production and marketing,” says Tadao in an exclusive interview with the ZigZag Weekly.
In the same interview, Tadao revealed that the cooperative is focused on acquiring equipment that allow just that.
If competent, caring and compassionate officials come to power in the May 13, 2019 midterm polls, it could change Ifugao’s coffee industry for the better. A new leader at the provincial government could provide a big opportunity to make a turnaround in the agriculture sector. In the meantime, for officers and members of the cooperative, March 13 shall serve as a huge turning point for them. For March 13 is no ordinary day. It marks a special milestone in the cooperative’s history.
“And get this,” the young manager said with a strong conviction, “With the cooperative’s objective of improving the lives of members in the most vulnerable communities, you can easily understand the dedication of each one to succeed at all times. It is simply remarkable!”
With great products and services to offer in this part of the country, there are a lot of great reasons why the Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative is the easy choice for your daily financial needs.
From Monday to Friday, you can get a fast, no-obligation advice and so find out for yourself.
Small wonder, Ms. Tagtag and Tadao must encourage each one in the cooperative to find solutions, not get in the way, of even small problems. By doing so, the Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative shall bring them much, much closer to their dreams. **
By Anthony A. Araos

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