A Bauko experience Community cooperation for the education of kids

By Marivic G. Rosario

Last school year, I was designated as Cluster School Head of Bebe Elementary School and Asbiagan Primary School of Barangay Monamon Sur, Bauko Mountain Province. Both are multi-grade schools and can be only reached by vehicles with high ground clearance. This is my first assignment as school head so I was very hesitant and anxious about everything. Considering that I was new to the job, thus I had no experience and on the job training for the position, I was worried. What if I could not perform adequately my role and responsibilities? But then I overcame my anxieties having realized that the situation I was in was good. To be promoted to the position was something I had desired and had been waiting for, for so long.
So what the heck! Surely there would be problems to be faced, but my attitude became positive. Every problem that will come my way, I would bravely face. No doubt I would have to break my head to find the solution, but then again it will be an opportunity to learn from. It will offer a chance to grow mentally or intellectually and professionally or to expand my horizon of experiences. I thought, it will be a work in progress and whatever mistakes I will commit should make me a better teacher and a leader– or as a teacher-in-charge.
Expectedly, my first year was the most difficult and challenging, but was very rewarding. It turned out I had the capacity to learn and head these schools. Of course it was not a walk in the park. I struggled but for every difficulty I faced, I learned a lot. As the days went on, and as I learned, my confidence became better and better to look after the schools’ needs. Everyday at work was not anymore an in-your-face reminder that I was just a beginner.
A great philosopher once said that “struggle is the essence of life.” And so my struggles on the first days or the first year proved this but even went further. The struggles proved to be the best curriculum that gave me the competence or qualification to indeed become a real teacher-in-charrge.
All of us have different good practices to share with, like the community where I belong now. They made a difference in their own ways. They shared common practices with regards to the support and participation in satisfying the schools’ needs and how to make activities there meaningful and worthwhile. Though majority of the families led simple lives and just earned enough tto sustain their families, they were always wiling to sacrifice or to extend their help for the betterment of the education of their children. In this respect, I was so blessed.
Here are some major accomplishments due to community cooperation. At Asbiagan Primary School, parents constructed makeshift classrooms for Kindergarten, Grade 5, Grade 6, a school office, a 220 meter perimeter concrete fence, two steel gates, a 30 meters pathway to the school and other areas.
In Bebe Elementary School the parents constructed a 140 meter concrete fence, 45 meters of perimeter fence with pipes and steel bars, two comfort rooms, installed steel gates, landscaped the campus, solved issues regarding the school site and other things.
From my viewpoint, these were amazing accomplishments of these two small schools.
The two schools participated in the Search for Best Brigada Eskwela Implementer 2018 for the first time and luckily Asbiagan Primary School ranked second place and Bebe Elementary school 4th place in the Division level. Both schools were awarded Certificates of Recognition for having zero dropouts and Abiagan Primary School was a Best Children’s Home finalist. Both Schools actively participated in all DepEd activities and the pupils won individual awards. These show that the schools did not waste every single cent or support extended to them by the community. Such support and sacrifices served their purpose– for the better education of the children. .
For emphasis, these were accomplished through the collaborative efforts and unending support of the people in the community, stakeholders, school personnel and PTA officers headed by Mr. Martes Mayos and Zaldy Pacio.**

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