A pre-med student

Our analysand is a pre-med student at the Ateneo who was born on January 19, 2000. Upon looking at the placement of the planets on that day, what immediately caught my attention was her Mars in Pisces. This means that she is a champion of the underdog, she being compassionate. This is also true with her ascendant which is in Cancer. This is a very caring sign and would enhance her Pisces energy. Her heart is very soft for those who are in distress or are in need.
When she becomes a doctor, she will be very passionate for the welfare of her patients. This will surely mean her success in the medical field.
Such Mars placement is also the cause of her mood swings. She can be so creative but there are instances when she just could not move on with her creativity. In such circumstance, she needs a creative outlet for her to achieve some catharsis. Writing would be a very good one.
More so that her moon is in Gemini which accounts for her being very articulate. In fact, she could make a very good medical journalist, in broadcast or in the print media.
She could uncannily deduce the science behind every medical case and then would be able to explain it clearly in simple laymen’s terms. No medical jargon that doctors usually spout to impress their patients but were actually just done for collection purposes.
All of these plus the practicality of her Sun in Capricorn assures her success in her chosen career. As we have said many times before, a Capricorn will take all the necessary sacrifices in fulfillment of a duty. At the same time, she will take care that she is properly paid for. This balances the tendency of her Mars in Pisces to be so humanitarian to the extent of encouraging others to exploit her. In short, in this respect she is nicely balanced.
Her Mercury in Aquarius makes her adept in understanding and manipulating modern medical gadgets which are now everywhere. For instance, doctors can now operate in some parts of your body like the ears or intestines without any incision to get into those parts while you watch the procedure on TV. Without the Aquarian energy, doctors would shy away from the use of such modern gadgets. And they would remain Jurassic. (More next week.)

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