The defensive driver

Born September 12
Before we move on to other parts of the astrological chart of this lady, our analysand, I want to tie some loose ends (rather, what I forgot) on the planets earlier discussed.
Were this lady a CEO her being meticulous (Sun in Virgo and Mercury in Libra) would have taken care of all the minutiae in the company. She would have kept track of the most basic such as the number of paper clips being purchased and used.
This is balanced by her Sagittarius Moon’s interest on the broad strokes of a painting. Sagittarius enjoys talking about the goals of the company under global realities or with due regard to the competition and technological advances. She would have enjoyed sparring in the board room with other corporate officers on where should the company be in 20 years, or 30 years or in 2050, and the plans of actions to be undertaken to get there.
This is the energy that sees the forest not the trees. Indeed, the two should be taken together, not exclusive from each other. So she would be a well-balanced CEO. She will not just micromanage as she also sees the whole of the landscape.
This lady would not have been successful in her career without the positive attitude of her Sagittarius Moon. This energy dreams big which is a good thing. For without a dream, there could not be a dream come true.
There is such a thing as kinesthetic visualization. That is, if you dream of a positive result and you really believe that you can achieve it, it will come true. But if deep inside you are a doubter, nothing will come of it.
As a trivia, the Sagittarius energy likes to enjoy driving a vehicle and can be a reckless one. But with her Mars in Pisces, I would not be far off the mark to say that this lady might be the model of defensive driving.
Mars in Pisces as mentioned in earlier articles is the empathic and sympathetic part of her. It is her sensitive part that makes her capable of even feeling what a person is thinking.
It is this part of her that can readily get hurt at times. It is the “balat sibuyas” part of her. With maturity, however, this must have been overcome to a great extent.
This part of her chart is the culprit when she gets into mood swings. I chanced upon an account in the internet about a person’s experience with a similar astrological placement. Here is what he said:
“Here is what it’s like for me as a Mars Pisces. It can feel like a blessing and a curse. At times, I feel very in tune with the physical rhythms of my life. Simply put, I have good timing and strike when the spirit moves me.
But at other times, I feel as if I’m moving through cobwebs. I can be detached from the moment and, in those times, fail to react in a quick, Aries-like way. Instead I stand still and observe or cower within what feels like my own fear of movement. In those moments, it’s not fun.
Overall, my Mars Pisces is what makes me the strong spiritual warrior that I am. While others are more greatly compelled to action by challenging issues facing the world we live in, I am more compelled by what affects the soul. I want to affect change from the inside out. That is why I write. That is why I create. And that is definitely why I am an astrologer.”
I don’t know how true is this with our analysand. But one thing is sure. Mars in Pisces needs an artistic outlet which should facilitate catharsis during bad times.
How about doing some writing on the side, huh? **

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