The root cause?

Born on September 12
These should have been the last part of last week’s article on this lady but were left out due to space limitation: Her Virgo sun, Mercury in Libra and Mars in Pisces are generally shy but this is balanced by the fire signs in her astrological chart.
Her Sagittarius moon is capable of being brutally frank but this is also balanced by the tactfulness of Mercuy in Libra. Libra is the sign of diplomacy.
Let us move on now to her Venus. This is the part to look at when trying to determine if there is that X-factor between two people. That is, if there is that elusive chemistry between them.
What is noteworthy with her Venus is that it is in conjunction with Uranus.
Uranus was discovered at the tail end of the American Revolution and just before the French Revolution started. The battle cry of these revolutions were equality, fraternity, liberty (egalite, fraternite, liberte). These are what Uranus symbolizes in the astrological chart.
Since Venus is the planet of relationships, these are what this lady demands in a relationship. Or there might be that conflict between the need for a commitment in a relationship and her fear that her freedom might be stifled.
If she was not able to come to terms with this conflict earlier in life, she must have been projecting this fear to other people who came into her life. In psychoanalysis speak, what is one’s fear is exhibited by the other people who come into one’s life. In this case, it is the other person or people who were afraid to make commitments.
But the fear is actually there, deep in the person herself. As one psychologist wrote, the people we met are actually mirrors of ourselves.
That is, however, putting it in a simplistic way. Let us dig deeper.
Dr. Liz Greene, a well-known psychoanalyst in the UK and also an astrology author has this to say when she sees Uranus in a hard aspect with a person’s Venus. This suggests that the person was deeply hurt quite early in life– a parent was lost (biologically or psychologically) when the person was still a child. This is often carried unconsciously and it engenders the fear to make a deep commit in a relationship for fear of losing again a loved one. In other instances, the person would often like “liberty” or to be liberated from a relationship. And she could be unconscious about the root cause of it all.
Early in life, a daughter is often more attached to the father, and a son is more attached to the mother. This is how things usually go. The first relationship of a woman to a man is with her father, and the first relationship of a man with a woman is with his mother. If something goes wrong in this stage (early in life) it will have a long lasting effect (even for a lifetime) on the child.
The dynamic can be complex and unpredictable. A man who was badly treated by her mother might become abusive to his wife or might be afraid to have a relationship with a woman. Or can be cold. Etcetera. Etcetera.
Everyone has his/her own peculiar psychological inheritance. Perhaps the secret of life is for us to be contented with what we have. And He gave us what is best for us.**

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