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Born on Sept. 12
At the age of 27 or 28, a person gets weaned from her comfort zone of youth or from the protection of family members.
A comparison of the weaning of the chicks by the mother hen might be appropriate here. While the chicks are younger they would be following their mother hen and they would be safe. They are also provided food as the mother hen would scratch the ground in search for food and the chicks would be scrambling about to pick whatever food was exposed on the ground.
But then as soon as the chicks are about to be old enough to fend for themselves, the mother hen would start driving them away by pecking them. Until such time that they become fully independent, The mother hen would totally not like them following her. They are now on their own.
But our mothers don’t drive us away. It is the world or the universe, or God if you will, that will come up with situations for our growth. Or for us to be emotionally stable, wise and tough enough to the ways of this world.
This is accomplished by difficulties. The ego or one’s pride is pulverized. Since we don’t have the exact birth time of this lady we cannot exactly pinpoint the area in life where such difficulties occurred. We could only try to be intelligent in explaining this stage in life.
It usually lasts for about two years. It is called the Saturn return or when Saturn (life’s task master) goes back to its position during the time of birth. It happens between the ages 27 to 29.
Often this stage is so painful that sometimes people would rush into marriage if only to have somebody to lend some moral support. That would, however, be committing another mistake. Well, some marriages entered around this time lasted forever and ever. Yet there was that study in the USA where most marriages contracted at this time ended in divorce—which can really be nasty.
This if, of course, if the difficulty was in the area of romantic relationships. It could also be in the area of vocation or career.
`So for this lady, I would not be surprised if the years 1985 to 1986 were quite memorable.
Another time of her life was when Pluto was hovering over Saturn. This was in 1993 up to 1995. The situation could have reached fever pitch in 1994, from January all the way to the end of that year. Everything that the lady might have hinged her future or plans might have come unbound.
Others would have writhed in pain, either psychological which include physical as when someone would be diagnosed with a serious or life threatening disease. They would be pummeled left and right by life, emerging sometimes to keep life going, only to be pummeled again. Each time they emerge they become stronger and wiser.
After this stage, a person emerges with a lot of wisdom and maturity.
Then came to this lady the next difficult period called the midlife crisis. It is a time when Uranus, the planet of instability, opposes its natal position. The period for this lady was from 1997 to 1998.
The midlife crisis is well documented in the west. Because of difficulties and confusion in this stage, many men end up having mistresses, perhaps in an effort to have some comfort but little did they know that this complicated their lives even more resulting in more stress and pain. Many relationships end during this time.
Since this lady[s Venus was strongly involved with Uranus and this was rattled by its opposition to its natal position, this time must have been marked by problems in matters of the heart.
After all is said and done, these stages in life is how the universe (or the Lord, if you will) makes sure that we grow up and mature to become responsible assets (not liabilities) of society.**

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