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Born January 16, 2004 (Ist part of a series)

I remember a lawyer friend of mine in Metro Manila who asked me to come up with the astrological chart of her daughter who was then in third year high school. Just by looking at the chart, one could say that she was intelligent and had the attributes necessary to become a lawyer. Then I forgot the whole thing. Years after, I found out that the kid was able to get into her dream law school and was already a lawyer.
Now this kid who is our subject now.
He was born early morning of January 16, 2004 at around 6:00 am.
His sun sign is Capricorn which is the sign of heads of companies or big business people. Capricorn people are very good in organizing and are hardworking. They can keep their noses to the grind stone working and working all day long. They can keep 16 hour workdays for months and years on end. The downside however is that they can be so concentrated in trying to make more and more money even if they have to exploit people.
This kid however is different in a way. Just by looking at his chart, one would readily see the water grand trine. Life can be easy to this kid but the negative part of this aspect is that it can breed laziness. Yes, for thousands of years astrologers have known that grand trines can make people lazy.
Luckily, there is a planet opposing one of the apexes of the trine which is Saturn. Saturn is the taskmaster, the imposer of discipline. This kid has to have discipline if he hopes to harness the good fortune that a grand trine symbolizes.
Any career related to business would suit this kid. He can be an accountant or a manager or a marketing or finance person.
He has, however, other options that would attract his interest. His Mars in Aries is found in the third house or the house of Gemini. This is the sign of journalism or communication. Where Mars is, is the area we would be animated about. So he would like being a journalist
How will he fare? Let us look at his Jupiter or the planet of good luck. It is found on the cusp of the 9th house which symbolizes publishing and jurisprudence. So it can also mean lawyering.
As a lawyer, he would be OK because he would be adept at communication. Advancing legal arguments in court entails a lot of communication skills.
Being a lawyer and a journalist need not be exclusive. He can be both.
If this kid will choose to go into business, he cannot be a businessman through and through who will be interested only in money. Any business he will get into must be imbued with social service and if possible must have a spiritual dimension. For his Sun is found on the twelfth house, that of spirituality.
Further strengthening his Capricorn qualities is his moon in the 10th house or the original house of Capricorn. This further proves that he will have the stamina to compete in business or in whatever career he will choose.
Again, all these career options need not be exclusive. He can be a lawyer, journalist and a business person— all in one. His business can publishing or he can put up a radio or television outfit.
But to repeat, he can only achieve such lofty dreams only if he will be disciplined. Otherwise, he will just be a lazy nobody, dreaming only of a good fortune that will never come.**

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