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Born January 16, 2004 (2nd part of a series)

As we said last week, this kid, while lucky in many respects has to conquer the negative side of his grand trine—laziness.
The other lesson we pointed out was the meaning of the opposition (Mercury opposed to Saturn) which makes the grand trine actuaally a kite. This kid has to have discipline if he is to realize his full potential, particularly the luck that the grand trine symbolizes.
Let’s add another lesson. The grand trine is in the water element which means this person can be very sensitive. Such can denote a lot of things. He can be “intuitive” through his sensitivity. He can readily feel the mood of the next person or what he is about to say.
Being sensitive is what we often call “balat sibuyas” or onion skinned or that he is easily hurt. With age though, he should be able to conquer a big part of this.. This same aspect is also what accounts of his being moody at times and would just like to be left alone.
To supplement what we said last week that this person would feel alive if he will choose a career in the communications field (Mars in the third house), his sensitivity would easily supply the required “feeling’ emotion when he would orally communicate or when he would write any article.
But before we forget, another effect of the water grand trine is that he can be very shy. He would come out only from his shell if his Mars (the planet of action or aggression0 kicks in. He might have cold feet when he starts a speech but when his Mars is stimulated, he would be so animated or so alive with all the emotional requirements.
The moral of the story is for this kid to be more exposed to more people of different backgrounds while he is still young. He should deliver more speeches or to face the crowd as many times as he could. Otherwise, his potentials will just remain that, unexpressed to be wasted ‘in the desert air.”
With all his shyness, however, this guy has a temper (Mars square Sun). He can be so unassertive and then the next moment he can explode, come hell or high water. Just like any hard aspect of the planets, they denote swinging from one end to the other end of the square. Balancing these two emotional extremes will be a lifetime effort for him.
Because of this, he does not like to be bossed around. For harmony in the workplace, he has to be given his small corner where he will be autonomous. If he is bossed around with somebody always looking over his shoulder, the result will be collision which can be cataclysmic, especially if his Mars is not allowed to express itself every now and then.
In sum, the lessons today for this kid is to learn how to conquer his shyness, his too much sensitivity, and to balance his anger and aggressiveness with his timidity.**

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