Avoid cardiovascular diseases, take care of your heart, doctors remind

BAGUIO CITY– Amid the Coronavirus disease pandemic, health experts remind the public to take care of their heart as cardiovascular diseases remain the top cause of mortality in the country and world wide.
Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Cardiologist Dr. Ray Aswat, in the Department of Health (DOH – CAR) led media forum here Wednesday (February 10), informed that Ischaemic or coronary heart disease is the number cause of mortality globally wherein based on WHO Global Health Estimates, it caused the death of nearly 10 million people in 2016.
Aswat said coronary heart disease and cardiovascular diseases are the top one and top three leading causes of death in the country, respectively. Based on 2017 data, 84,120 individuals died due to heart disease and 59,774 others from cardiovascular diseases.
Comparing it to COVID – 19, Aswat pointed out that the total of 11,296 deaths from the disease as of February 9 data of DOH is far lesser than those dying from cardiovascular diseases in a year, and notable among those who died of COVID – 19 have heart or cardiovascular diseases as their co-morbidity.
With heart or cardiovascular disease, a lifestyle -related illness, Aswat shared their advocacy in the Philippine Heart Society Baguio – Benguet Chapter of “5200” daily habit, which means 5 -servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 – hours of screen time (use of laptops, cellphones etc.), 0 – no to sugary, sweetened beverages and 0 – no to smoking, no to secondhand smoke.
For BGHMC, the doctor shared that they have a cardiovascular catherization laboratory that offers diagnostics and medical interventions for heart illnesses.
This year’s Philippine Heart Month advocacy adopts the theme, “Your Heart’s Health, Your Choice”.
Aside from Heart Month, the DOH CAR in the same media forum, promoted the health events of the month such as Oral Health Month with Medical Officer III Dr. Anachris Kilakil, National Down Syndrome Month with BGHMC Pediatrician Dr. Leanith Haya and International Childhood Cancer Day/World Cancer Day with BGHMC Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Sabrina Villanueva.
DOH – CAR Regional Director Dr. Ruby Constantino also provided updates on the COVID–19 situations in the region and on the national vaccination and deployment plan. **JDP/CCD-PIA CAR

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