Bontoc Women’s Brigade continues to inspire other town

Bontoc, Mountain Province – The Bontoc Women’s Brigade of this capital town continues to be an inspiration to other neighboring towns and provinces because of its vital role in peace and order.
Recently, the Women’s Brigade of La Trinidad, Benguet visited Bontoc to learn from this group of grannies about their effective techniques in prodding and reminding young people to go home when they are out at night either drinking or playing in computer shops.
Armed only with their flashlights and wooden canes, these “Ikits” (a term of respect for older women) go to various establishments in town, checking on those who are drinking and send them home before curfew falls at 10 in the evening. Patiently, they remind establishment owners of the liquor ban and wait out until the last drunk goes home.
This was experienced by the Women’s Brigade of La Trinidad as they joined the Bontoc Women’s Brigade and personnel of the Bontoc Municipal Police Station (MPS) when they patrol the nooks and crannies of the Bontoc valley on the evening of November 18, 2018.
La Trinidad Women’s Brigade President Miranda Bingcola acknowledged that their visit has been a learning travel as they did not only see how the Bontoc Women’s Brigade implements local ordinances such as the curfew but they learned the techniques on how the Bontoc Women’s Brigade works.
On behalf of the people and officialdom of Bontoc, Mayor Franklin Odsey extended his warmest welcome to the La Trinidad Women’s Brigade and at the same time expressed his happiness that what the Bontoc Women’s Brigade is doing is being emulated by other towns.
Odsey likewise commended both groups of women for their contribution to the peace and order situation in their respective towns.
The mayor proudly added that the members of the Bontoc Women’s Brigade are the typical grandmothers who experience joint pains, blurry visions, and hearing problems that come with age but what makes them extraordinary is the commitment they give for the sake of the younger generations and the future of their community.**Alpine L. Killa, Bontoc –LGU

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