DOH Kalinga shares tips vs summer diseases

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga, – – The Provincial Department of Health Office (PDOHO) here warns of the occurrence of communicable diseases these summer months and urges the public to observe preventive measures.
Dr. Bernadette Andaya, team leader of PDOHO, said common diseases during summer are sore eyes, skin diseases, cough, boils, heat stroke and diarrhea.
“These diseases can be prevented if people do the basic measures of protecting the body from affliction,” she said.
She stressed strict personal hygiene, washing of hands, observing coughing etiquette by covering the mouth and staying away from crowds, drinking a lot of water to avoid heat stroke, and doing regular exercise.
Maintaining cleanliness at home and the surroundings also helps in disease prevention. Abundant supply of clean water is the most important component, which is why it is the duty of local officials and the community to repair damaged water systems, she explained. **JDP/PAB-PIA CAR, Kalinga

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