How our body works, Part 5 – the eyes (feeding the brain)

By Penelope A. Domogo, MD

“ You don’t see the process of recognition but you see the smile. These processes take place in a split second, parang automatic but they are not.”

I hope, dear reader, that you have been following this series on how our body works. We need to understand the various parts of our body and how they work in relation to the laws of the universe so we could take care of them up to old age. Just like how we take care of our house and our trees. All our life is governed by these laws, whether you believe them or not. And just like a good citizen, we abide by these laws so that there will be peace and harmony in our bodies and in our society.
In the past issues, we discussed how food, water and oxygen enter our body through the digestive and respiratory system and are circulated through the blood to the individual cells where they are needed. Food, water and oxygen are obvious material things that our body needs to survive. Then we discussed the urinary system whose major function is to cleanse the body of the by-products of metabolism. This Sunday we will discuss the eyes. Our eyes are the organs of the body that sees the world around us. Meaning that our eyes are one of the major entry points of food for our brain. It’s not only food, water and air that feed our brain cells so we can survive and be happy on earth. Our brain also needs images (sights), sounds, aroma and touch. One of the laws of the universe is the law of transmutation- energy is converted into visible matter and vice versa. Sights, sounds, aroma and touch are also energy. These are stimuli that the brain processes and become thoughts and become tangible.
What is the technology of our eyes? How do the eyes see and how we are able to make sense of all the visual stimuli around us. We have two eyes- round complex structures, perhaps the most complex in the body. They function like a camera. And like a camera, the eyes need light to see. (You see, human technology copies from nature or God’s technology.) What happens?
Light is reflected from an object, enters the eye and “caught” by light-sensitive cells which are connected to nerve endings which, in turn, convert the light into electro-chemical signals which are then transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain where it is then translated as an image or images… in full color. Whew! How complicated! And yet they happen so fast.
Where in the brain do these signals go? It is not just transmitted anywhere in the brain. Just like the rest of our body, our brain is so amazingly, unbelievably, organized. These signals are transmitted to the visual center at the back of the brain. In effect, it is the brain that “sees”. It has been said that the brain is the biggest sense organ. Then after the brain makes sense of the image and the image becomes a thought, then the brain acts. Your thought now turns into a thing or an action.
For example, when you see a person from afar, your brain processes it and if that person is not in your memory, then you will not make pansin. However, as the person gets nearer and your eyes see more clearly (especially if you are a senior or a young child), your brain recognizes a friend and then your eyes light up and you smile. You don’t see the process of recognition but you see the smile. These processes take place in a split second, parang automatic but they are not.
Let us have more examples of how images that enter our eyes stimulate us to act or not to act. Let’s discuss the advertisement of hotdog on TV. Take note that TV does not only show the picture of a hotdog but also a family having fun together eating hotdog. These images create in your brain a memory of happiness, so the next time you see hotdog in the store, you will buy it because your brain has associated it with happiness. In this world of consumerism and individualism and materialism, be wise – understand how our body works, how our brain works so you have control of your health and that of your family. Be careful with what you feed your eyes and the eyes of your family.***
“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.” Matthew 6:22

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