Keeping your immune system in good running condition

By Penelope A. Domogo, MD

“ Don’t worry, you have emergency defense forces in place. Just remember, though, not to paralyze these with sugary and fatty and synthetic substances, and your amazing immune system will get you through unscathed. ”

Remember the time you first learned to use the computer? For me, I remember that I had my tutor write down the step-by-step process from opening the computer to typing and saving the document to closing down the computer. I remember that if I didn’t save early, I could lose a whole document once the power was cut off ad there were a lot of brown-outs then. There was no autosave then and not saving what you encode is disastrous. As I practiced to use computers and learned computer language, it became much easier to operate a computer of any model because the icons and the process are almost the same. But what would have happened if I stopped using the computer early? I would be always at a loss in front of any computer like some people I know who need their apos to log in. Same is true with any skill we acquire. The law of nature is if you don’t use it, you lose it. Just like also our muscles and bones and joints and every part of body. You don’t use it, you lose it. So you would notice that those who have stroke and get bedridden would lose their muscle and bone mass fast. Same is true with our immune system.
We discussed in previous issues that our Creator built-in an immune system in our bodies – this defense system is in our genes inherited from the first man and woman in this world. This immune system is our natural defense against any disease. For example, in the event our body gets confronted by a virus, this immune system is set into motion automatically. You won’t even be aware of it because it does not blow horn or wangwang, it just does its job silently, although sometimes you may experience fever and its attendant pains. As an emergency response, it mobilizes the general defense forces to arrest and quarantine the virus and if it’s the first time that it meets this virus, it will also take all its identification marks. These data are then sent via our body’s internet (communication system) to the special defense unit to manufacture specific weapons for the virus. These weapons are antibodies specific for that virus. So for covid, the antibodies produced will be specific for covid. These antibodies will then be mobilized to eliminate any leftover virus, if there are, kasi we are informed that it takes about two weeks from exposure to produce these antibodies. Usually by then, the patient has recovered. The illness may even last just a day or two, if the immune system is strong. These antibodies are not put to waste because they are stored in our bodies so the next time the same virus tries to attack, it won’t succeed because there are already ready-made defense weapons. Ang galing ng design ng katawan natin, ano?
This process happens everytime our body meets a virus, starting from the time we are born. There are millions of viruses in nature and there are thousands of corona viruses where covid belongs. So as our body gets to meet all kinds of viruses, it will master the art and science of making antibodies. Because it gets a lot of practice. Moreover, it will have a stockpile more extensive than the stockpile of any superpower in this world. Truly mind-boggling!
What does this imply? That the more we are exposed to germs, the better our immune system will be. So you will observe that children who get soaked in the rain, swim in rivers and romp in rice paddies, get soiled and exposed to the elements (meaning nature) are stronger compared to those who are cloistered in their sanitized homes looking forlornly through the window singing “rain rain go away…”. In small communities where everybody knows everybody, you can easily observe this difference. See whose child makes more sick visits to the clinic.
What has been in the recent news regarding our bodies’ response to covid? There’s the news that our bodies can recognize cousins or siblings. It is observed that antibodies to the common colds virus maybe helpful against covid. You see, covid belongs to the same family as the common colds virus. So since the common colds is “common”, meaning almost everybody has been exposed to it, then almost everybody already has some antibodies in stock. Isn’t this just great news?!! I really love you, dear God!
So there, would you like to stockpile for covid defense? Then you have to be exposed to the covid virus. Don’t worry, you have emergency defense forces in place. Just remember, though, not to paralyze these with sugary and fatty and synthetic substances, and your amazing immune system will get you through unscathed. And remember that the more your immune system is put to work, the better it gets on the job. And how do you put your immune system to work? By getting exposed to the environment. That environment now includes covid.
I think we are doing okay. The government is slowly relaxing controls on mobility, at the same time taking precautions. We live simpler lives, just like of old- more with nature and less with crowds and machines. Thus, slowly, we get exposed to the viruses that inhabit the earth, like us, and we learn to live in harmony with each other.***
“For great is the wisdom of the Lord; he is mighty in power and sees everything.” Ecclesiasticus 15:18

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