Milk is for babies who have no teeth & only from their mom

By Penelope A. Domogo, MD

“Milk is a product of nature. It is a product of the laws of nature for the survival of the species. It is produced by female mammals to feed their young.
The mother starts milk production during pregnancy so that by the time the baby is born, there is ready food. ”

I have been talking with varied groups of people on my favorite topic – food. And as sure as the sun rises each morning, this topic will always gravitate to milk drinking. It’s mind-blowing how people have been so conditioned to think that life without milk is poor and how we are conditioned to think that a diet without milk is deficient. Para bang okey ka kung umiinom ka ng gatas at kawawa ka kung di ka umiinom ng gatas. How come we have forgotten where we came from? I am talking about us, indigenous peoples. This phenomenon should be a good topic for local researchers and for another issue.
There is already enough evidence in the world to show that milk is not good for people. Peoples of milk-drinking countries have been drinking milk for centuries so we already have a lot of studies on milk and its adverse effects on our health. When I say the word “milk”, I mean “cow’s milk” – whether it is in powdered or liquid form or whole milk or skim milk or low-fat milk. These are all cow’s milk and it is sold in many brands. When I was younger, the brands were Bear Brand, Bonna, Nido, Carnation, Liberty, Alaska. Now there are many more brands like the popular Ensure and Sustagen and some people, even professionals, even think these are not cow’s milk. Moreover, milk is added to a lot of foods like Cerelac, ice cream, halo-halo, cakes, cookies, etc. Milk is also processed into cheese, cream, butter, yoghurt, margarine, whey.
Since time immemorial, people have been dependent on nature for survival. Come to think of it, we cannot survive without nature. Because that’s our nature. It is like a motor vehicle. If the nature of a motor vehicle is that it runs on gasoline, then you cannot run it on diesel.
Milk is a product of nature. It is a product of the laws of nature for the survival of the species. It is produced by female mammals to feed their young. The mother starts milk production during pregnancy so that by the time the baby is born, there is ready food. The newly-delivered mother, who is tired from the process of giving birth, doesn’t have to get up and look for the newborn baby’s food. Take the cat, for example. The newly-delivered mama cat doesn’t have to go catch rats to feed herself and her kittens. It is enough that she catches a rat for her own food which her body then processes into milk for her young. Milk is the food for the newborn baby because its digestive system is still immature and cannot digest solid foods. Milk is liquid by nature because the baby doesn’t have teeth to chew solid foods. So the baby just suckles and swallows, suckles and swallows. In a sense, the milk is a predigested food.
It is also a law of nature that the milk is custom-made according to the species. This means that human milk is what human babies need to survive and grow as humans and that rat’s milk is what the cute baby rat needs to survive and grow to be a rat. Cow’s milk is what baby cows need to survive and grow to be the big-bone-big-muscle lovable animals that they are. Thus cow’s milk contains too much protein which is good for the baby cow but difficult for the human baby to digest.
By nature, we are designed differently from cows. For people from rural areas that fact is obvious. The baby cow walks immediately after birth and develops big bones and muscles because it is designed by nature as a work animal and for meat. The human baby, in contrast, first develops the brain- thought processes and nerve pathways and communication abilities- before it develops its arms and legs. This is because the human being is designed to do more brain work, doing the job of a good steward of himself/herself, other people and the rest of creation. That job requires a lot of wisdom and discernment. A lot of brain.
What happens when we give the food for cows to our babies? The observation of our lolas and lolas as early as the 1980’s is not without basis, “Your kids are behaving like animals because you are feeding them milk from animals.” “Mensapaydo da”, said one senior citizen. Further, these kids may be bigger but they are not as brainy. Aside from these physical and mental attributes, regular consumption of cow’s milk will impact negatively on their health, and this is really a reason for concern. Cow’s milk has cholesterol, too much fats, too much protein and cow estrogen, among other things. The multi-awarded Dr. Frank A. Oski, author and pediatrician and former Director of Pediatrics of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, wrote a book “Don’t Drink Your Milk” with a subtitle “Frightening Medical Facts About the World’s Most Overrated Nutrient.” This book details the many diseases linked with milk drinking. Another book The China Study by renowned T. Colin Campbell and his son Thomas Campbell II studies the relationship between diet and disease and particularly interesting to me is the connection between milk- drinking and disease. Dr. T. Colin Campbell is a renowned American biochemist who, for decades, has been in the forefront of nutrition education and research. There are a lot more books relating the adverse effects of drinking cow’s milk. I hope you, dear reader, have time to read these important books. However, if we recognize the laws of nature, we don’t really need to know the technical details of why cow’s milk is not for humans, before believing that cow’s milk is not for us. In simple terms, drinking cow’s milk is like putting diesel in a car engine designed for gasoline.
Again, milk is only for babies with no teeth. That’s nature. If God wanted adults to still drink milk, then He would have designed women whose breasts will never run out of milk all throughout their lives. Imagine this, adults suckling their mothers. Yikes! But that’s what a lot of adults, even lolas and lolos, are doing now with Mama Cow.
What happens when we, adults, eat or drink the food of baby cows? We are not growing anymore and our bones have already set. Think what all those cholesterol, excess fats and excess protein and estrogen will do to our bodies. Moreover, there are a lot of added chemicals in the present-day powdered milk. Just read the ingredients – it just doesn’t state “whole milk” or “skim milk”. Adding vitamins and minerals from the factory doesn’t make it any better. So don’t be surprised when we have these new diseases in the Cordillera- overweight, allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. Nursing mothers, beware, if you are drinking milk or chocolate or other milk products, then you are passing on the same bad substances to your baby. I highly recommend again you, dear reader, to read about Ellen G. White who warned about milk and other dairy products 85 years ago. And google “NOTMILK” in cyberspace.
When we go against the laws of nature, we expect backlash, not necessarily now but in the long term. Remember that we, indigenous peoples in the Philippines and in Asia, have not been drinking milk in the past and our ancestors and grandparents were strong and healthy. Milk was never part of our indigenous diet. So no matter what the milk company says on TV or in any of its aggressive advertisements, there is no health reason for you to drink milk or eat any milk product like cream, cheese, chocolate, yoghurt. When you insist on drinking or putting these inside your bodies, it is because you WANT them. But think again, you are just putting money in the milk company’s already big pockets. If you don’t believe the evidence on hand, you can experiment with yourself but please have pity on your children.
“I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it.**
Indeed, you are still not ready.” 1 Corinthians 3:2

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