Preventing covid will prevent other diseases also

By Penelope A. Domogo, MD

“ By living naturally, they kept their blood clean, meaning there was no food for germs or cancer cells to grow. Sugar is the food of viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells. ”

Yes, if we take measures to prevent covid, then we will also prevent other diseases. Isn’t that good news! Let us see. The three major measures to prevent covid are as follows:
1. Keep our immune system strong.
2. Don’t make your blood fertile ground for viruses, bacteria, fungus, and cancer cells.
3. Minimize virus load
These three are closely interrelated.
The principle behind keeping our immune system strong is simple. This is living well, meaning living in harmony with nature. It means living in conformity with the laws of nature. But do we know nature if we don’t depend on it? How would you know nature if your food supplier is the store or supermarket? How would you know nature if you are cushioned by four walls 24 hours a day? How would you know nature if you are cushioned by air conditioning all year round? Thus this discussion is not for the farmer who produces his/her own food organically because s/he is already living well. This is to remind the others, including me.
Living well to keep our immune system strong entails four keys:
1. Eat right (includes drinking enough water)
2. Be physically active
3. Have a cheerful heart
4. Trust in the divine.
Actually, trusting the divine power, by whatever name you may call the Supreme Being or Supreme Force, is the overall key to living well. If we don’t trust this Supreme Being that is above all things and instituted laws to govern our lives and the universe, then it would be difficult to understand and have keys #1, 2 and 3. So please take a moment to ask yourself honestly if you trust that God wants us to live and to live abundantly.
Trusting God means trusting that he provided everything for us since the beginning of time. I repeat, since the beginning of time- in the Garden of Eden. So when it comes to food and drink and medicine, let us think of that beginning of time – when there were no electricity, electronic gadgets, machines, no vehicles.
Let us think of the life during those times. People then were living well- that is, they lived according to the dictates of nature. In one go, they had the four keys to keeping their immune system strong. Because there was no store then, they had to produce their own food, eating in season and eating what could be preserved naturally. There were no frozen foods because there were no refrigerators. Eggs were only for the sick and meat was only for vital occasions and in small quantities (Think of the native pig.) There were no processed foods like refined sugar and powdered milk because there were no machines. There were no processed foods from Manila or USA because there were no vehicles, no planes. Well, there were ships that brought Magellan to Philippine shores but they were only up to Mactan and they didn’t bring goods from Spain. In fact, they were interested in getting spices from the Orient and of course, our gold.
In that natural living, drink was fresh, clean spring water, not sweetened water. People walked and climbed because there were no roads, no vehicles. They carried loads on their heads or shoulders. They moved all their muscles and joints. They carried babies close to their chests because there were no strollers. They thought and reflected on life- relationships, the weather, the seasons, what to plant best for this and that season, what plants are good for cuts and bruises and other home remedies, etc. They gathered at times to celebrate vital events in family and community life like gobbao, begnas, am-among. They prayed as a community for bountiful harvest, for strength and good health, abundance and generosity. They were a grateful prayerful people. And they trusted that even if this season’s rice harvest is not good, they can plant again next season because they believed in their hearts that their plants will grow as surely as the sun rises in the morning. They were a trusting, grateful, joyous people.
By living naturally, they kept their blood clean, meaning there was no food for germs or cancer cells to grow. Sugar is the food of viruses, bacteria and fungus and cancer cells.
Avoiding refined sugar and other refined or processed foods kept them free from cough and colds, infections, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, cancer, kidney failure, etc. Minimal meat and egg eating further prevented clogging of their arteries and thickening of their blood.
By living naturally, they kept physically distant from each other. Look at the farmers, they do not huddle together as they plant or harvest or weed. And they are out in the open air whole day, with the wind always renewing their air. They did not go to parties in buildings – mass gatherings were always in the open. Of course, there were no open gyms then or big buildings.
The evidence that these people who live well actually keep themselves healthy and strong is there. Records will show that diseases then were unheard of or were rare- people then died of old age, they just faded away. For seniors like me who have grown up in the countryside, we know that this is true. For me, that’s enough evidence- in fact, that is undeniable evidence. You don’t need to experiment at present to disprove this. But of course, you have the freedom to choose. I advise, however, that you spare yourself and your family the suffering.
We all know that covid only manifested itself in December 2019- meaning human bodies nowadays have become fertile ground for covid to grow. Many human bodies have become diseased and weak because of high cholesterol/triglycerides/uric acid/sugar, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, rayuma, kidney failure, dementia, lethargy. You can choose to ignore the signs or you can choose to live the path of our ancestors.***
“Wisdom is found with the elderly, and understanding come with long life.” Job 12:12

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