NCoV? No problem!

Face masks are out of stock in all drug stores in Bontoc Mountain Province since February 1, 2020. Photos taken at Gram Circle Pharmacy and Curamed Pharmacy (inset) on February 6. **Ferdie Cariño Castañeda

The Department of Health of this region is doing all it could to prepare for any eventuality in case any person in Baguio City and the Cordillera is confirmed infected with the novel Corona Virus (nCoV). Persons of interest are now under investigation (thus now PUIs) and there are now only four of them who are not OFWs but who were tourists in Hongf Kong. Nobody yet has been confirmed infected. Just in case, DOH hospitals around the region from Kalinga to Abra are all ready.
Only 2% of those confirmed infected have died or that 98% of infected patients recover from the infection. And those who died had other illnesses. It is generally believed that such a fatality rate is way below that of the ordinary or the garden variety influenza or flu.
So why the scare? Because the virus is new, thus, the word novel is part of its name. There is not much information about it. We are by nature scared of the unknown.
Not only regional and city health officers are doing everything they could. Local governments, and the DILG are leaving no stone unturned to prevent an epidemic. Events were cancelled, other preventive measures are in place, and health advisories are all over the place. So the ball is in our court, it is in us the ordinary citizens. Why should health officers have to tell us to wash our hands, or to practice a healthy lifestyle?
Instead of panicking we should look at ourselves. Are we stupid in our ways and in not following health advisories? If not, then NO PROBLEM!
To be assured, read the news stories below.**

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