No gambling for gov’t officials reiterated

BAGUIO CITY – The no-gambling policy for government employees through Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum Circular 2017-20 was reiterated in a letter from City DILG executive Evelyn Trinidad last week.
Through MC 2018-25, the memorandum was in turn transmitted by City Human Resource and Management Officer (CHRMO) Atty. Augustin Laban. It enjoins all local government officials and employees to strictly observe and comply with prohibitions against entering, staying and/or playing at gambling casinos.
It was issued in support to the President’s direction to strictly implement and prohibit all government officials including immediate relatives, spouses, children and parents from entering, staying and/or playing at gambling casinos to immediately address the negative effect on the public perception of government services as a whole.
The mere entry or presence of government officials and employees in a gambling casino is considered as conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, unless the same was in the performance of official duties and functions, the order states.
The code of conduct for public officials and employees also states the policy of the state to promote a high standard of ethics in public service and that government personnel shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, competence and loyalty, act with patriotism and justice, lead modest lives, and uphold public interest over personal interest.
The prohibition was also issued through Presidential Decree 1869 sometime in 1983, in Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation circular and OP Memorandum Circular, both in 2016.
“Officials” refer to all provincial governors, vice-governors, city and municipal mayors, city and municipal vice-mayors, members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Panlungsod, Bayan and Barangay; Punong Barangays, all local government personnel and employees, DILG regional directors, ARMM regional governor and all others concerned, including other local government officials and employees.
All heads of departments, bureaus and offices, government-owned and controlled corporations, and local governments shall remind and reiterate to officials and employees under them the above-state laws, issuances and policies and impose the appropriate sanctions and penalties in case of violation.
A presidential decree states that officials in government or any of its agencies, members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including the army, navy and air force and persons under 21 years of age or students of any school, college or university in the Philippines are prohibited from entering casinos.
Non-compliance with the MC shall be dealth with in accordance with applicable civil service rules and regulations and other pertinent laws, rules and regulations. ** juliegfianza

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