Olowan reports on 100-day council accomplishment

BAGUIO CITY October 29 – The city legislative body is headed towards the right direction in the legislating appropriate measures to support the administration’s 15-point collective agenda.
Vice Mayor Faustino A. Olowan said that from July 1 to October 10, 2019, the city legislative body approved some 27 ordinances and 160 resolutions.
Further, it conducted 14 public consultations through the different standing committees and evaluated and monitored some 14 existing legislative measures, as well as address immediate problems of residents through the citizen’s forum.
He claimed the city legislative body passed the appropriate legislative measures supporting some of the 15-point agenda of the city chief executive over the past several months which shows that the partnership between the city chief executive and the members of the city legislative body is instrumental in charting the right direction towards achieving the desired “better Baguio.”
He expressed optimism the partnership between the executive and legislative branches of the city legislative body will produce good results for the best interest of the city.
Among the important enacted ordinances during the said period are the amendment to the city’s comprehensive traffic and transportation ordinance where fines for frequent violations were significantl6y increased; the grant of cash incentives to nonagenarians and increasing the cash incentives for centenarians; the empowerment of the city’s youth; the institutionalization of the ‘Mangan Taku’ Cordillera food festival; the institutionalization of the International Indigenous Peoples Day celebration in the city; and for the provision of a Filipino sign language interpreter to aid constituents with hearing impairment during important and momentous public or city government events.
Olowan explained some approved resolutions during the first 100 days of the new set of city officials were also instrumental in the formulation of significant decisions made for the interest and welfare of the city.
On the issue on the approval of some 200 taxi franchises which the city government has previously opposed, the city legislative body passed a resolution reiterating to the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) the moratorium on the acceptance of public utility vehicles in the city which currently stands and should be respected by concerned government agencies considering the existing number of public utility vehicles can still service the people of the city despite the influx of tourists and the increase in the city’s population.
Olowan explained the most monumental breakthrough the current administration dares to undertake is the development and rehabilitation of two sites, both considered tourist attractions and historical places, the Burnham Park and the city public market, for which the City Council approved two separate resolutions approving in principle the separate development plans for the said areas subject to revisions and the results of public hearings thereon. **By Dexter A. See

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